WATCH: ‘We Are Here’ Islamic State Video Threatens Belgium, Security Increased


Islamic State terrorists have released a chilling video of a militant patrolling Belgium’s streets, threatening to chop off the heads of civilians and fill the streets with blood.

The video, filmed in Antwerp train station, implies an attack is imminent, leading to authorities stepping up security in the city.

Islamic chanting in Arabic, containing threats to chop off civilians’ heads and fill the streets with blood, can be heard in the background.

Extra officers have been deployed to the streets and police are frantically scouring CCTV footage in an attempt to identify the man behind the camera, VTN reports.

The chilling threat comes the day after a “radicalized” driver in a car full of gas canisters was detained in the centre of the nation’s capital, Brussels.

Brussels was hit by three coordinated suicide bombings in March 2016, which were claimed by Islamic State terrorists.

“At the beginning of the video they are showing where they are,” former Counterterrorism Police Chief Ahmet Yayla told Arutz Sheva.

“They did not include the destination – but they said we are here and we are going to attack. It has happened in the past with videos going up before an attack, and I believe it is a plausible threat.”

Mr. Yayla explained the background music in the Antwerp video was also used in a video released prior to the Reina New Year’s Eve nightclub shooting in Turkey.

“There was a video of the attacker which was called ‘soon, soon’ which warned of an attack in Turkey,” he said. “The music in the background is the same which was used in the video before the attack on the Reina nightclub.”

“The police will take the necessary steps to put in place additional supervision at the Central Station pending research and threat analysis by OCAD,” police spokesman Sven Lommaert told VTN.

“We are obviously examining the camera images of the station,” he added.


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