Popular Author: Men ‘Transition’ into Women for ‘Frivolous Reasons Like Fashion or Clothes’


A prominent author has said some men who “transition” into women do it for frivolous reasons, as well as because women are increasing powerful in today’s society.

Fay Weldon, 85, has written a new book exploring the issue, and risks the wrath of the transgender lobby and accusation of bigotry and “transphobia”.

However, he insists she does not intend to offend anyone and says she supports transgendered people who make the change for “serious” reasons.

Speaking on BBC2’s Newsnight, she said: “There are lots of transgender people for whom this is a really serious business, but there is also a sort of undertow of frivolous people, who for the sake of fashion or what is going on or for the clothes or whatever, want to be the other gender.

“Most of them being men wanting to be women – the women who want to be men have a really hard time I think, because it’s a real serious business for them. I’m not dismissing this at all.”

When asked if she recognised that her comments could “offend a lot of transgender people”, she insisted: “I’m not offending transgender people or thinking there’s anything wrong with that.”

Her new novel is controversially titled The Death Of A She-Devil. Speaking about the book, she explained:

“I’ve written a comic novel about somebody who is a frivolous person who does it frivolously. Then you have to read it to see what happens,” she said.

“But I am not offending transgender people or thinking there is anything wrong with changing your gender, because I don’t. I think it is something very personal, but you can’t not say what you think, what you see with your eyes.’

She added that she “tends to see women as the oppressive force at the moment”.

In recent years transgender ideology has gained huge mainstream support in the UK.

The taxpayer-funded National Health Service (NHS) increased its budget for “treating” the transgendered to £22.72 million in 2015, up from £17.13 million the year before.

And at the beginning of last year, a parliamentary enquiry demanded that teaching and accommodating for transgenderism be “mandatory” in schools, and teenagers be able to change their gender against the will of their parents.


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