Swedish Mail Delivery Suspended in No Go Zone After ‘Incident’, Safety Concerns

No Go Zone
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Dozens of homes in a Swedish no-go zone are no longer receiving postal deliveries after the company responsible judged their neighbourhood, an area of the notorious no-go zone Rinkeby, Stockholm, was too dangerous to send their staff into.

PostNord, the joint Swedish-Danish postal delivery company, stopped delivering to 200 addresses in Hjulsta, Rinkeby, on 29 March citing a “messy” situation in the area and the safety of their employees. Although the majority of homes have now had deliveries resume, according to a report by Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan, 30 houses are still considered too unsafe to go to.

Spokesman for PostNord Maria Ibsen told journalists the area was “messy” and the “protective stop” had been put in place to “ensure the safety of our staff”, and would not confirm when the ban would be lifted.

The firm said the decision to suspend service had been made by the “chief safety officer”.

Those affected have had to travel to the sorting office in Rinkeby themselves to receive mail, including one local who told Nyhter24 that: “We should not have to suffer in this way… I can’t afford a bus pass and have problems with my legs, so I can’t get myself there.” It is reported the distance to the office was “a few kilometres”.

Speaking Tuesday, Camilla Törnkvist of Post Nord gave an update on the situation including the news that the majority of homes in the area would start getting their post again. Commenting that the problems with the area had been “escalating” and that there had been an “incident”, they were working to resolve the issues and that delivery would resume to the remaining 30 homes “as soon as possible”.

Breitbart London has reported on a number of occasions on the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, the area affected by NordPost’s recent decision to withdraw uniformed staff. In March, it was revealed commuting to work in the area was too dangerous for police officers to do on their own, such as is the risk of being attacked in the migrant-heavy area. Officers are to be bussed into the suburb’s new, fortified police station instead.

Rinkeby has seen major rioting this year, leaving the suburb looking like a “warzone”. Police were attacked and fires set.

Interest in the area and in Sweden’s no-go zones has precipitated a surge in journalists visiting the area, which in turn has led to journalists being attacked by residents who see them like police officers as unwelcome guests. Journalists have been escorted from the area by police, and a Dagens Nyheter photographer was hospitalised in February.

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