Polish MP: Macron Victory Shows Globalist French Are Dying, Whilst ‘Mighty’ Patriotic Poles Are Reborn

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“The French no longer have the strength to fight for France”, said conservative Polish MP Krystyna Pawłowicz to summarise yesterday’s electoral decision which saw the establishment globalist sweep to victory.

A Member of Parliament from Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, Pawłowicz compared French voters unfavourably in the wake of the nation’s presidential elections this week to Poles, who she said are “reborn”, and “full of mighty spirit”.

Writing on Facebook, Ms. Pawłowicz said: “The French no longer have the strength to fight for France.

“Compared to them, the Poles are mighty in spirit, channelling the full power of Polish patriots.”

Accusing the French of “lacking religious faith”, the MP proclaimed that Poles are “reborn while the French are dying”. She dismissed Macron’s pro-mass migration slogan ‘We Can Do It’, which was used by German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she opened the doors of the European Union to more than one million Middle Eastern and African migrants in 2015.

Former investment banker Macron had proposed placing sanctions on Poland for refusing to take in asylum seekers from other EU states if he were elected France’s president on 7 May.

“When the rights and values of the European Union are not respected, I want sanctions to be taken,” he told several newspapers last month, referring to the refusal of Poland to accept migrants in Italy and Greece.

Labelled a “centrist” by the establishment media the French 39-year-old, who served as the economy minister in outgoing President François Hollande’s Socialist government,  has repeatedly demonstrated his allegiance to Europe.

The candidate, with close ties to U.S. establishment figure Hillary Clinton, said Europe “has entered an age of mass migration which will be inescapable” for the continent, and that the migrant wave can only accelerate.


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