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Two Explosions in Rome: No Injuries, Police Investigation Underway

Getty Images

Italian police are investigating a possible attack in Rome Friday morning after two small explosions were apparently detonated outside a post office.

The possibly homemade devices using flammable liquid caused no injuries but did damage an adjacent car. Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports police are investigating the possibility that the blast, which took place at 9:20 am local time, was a “demonstrative act” and the choice of weapon and target — a post office — suggests the culprits may have been part of an “anarchist network”.

Police investigation so far has determined the explosions were not accidental but was a deliberate act. A police spokesman said: “The crude bomb was found between two parked cars in a parking space. It is the reserved parking at the post office, but we do not think there was a willingness to hit someone. It’s a demonstration.”

Security has been stepped up at Rome’s 1932 Fascist-era Brutalist style Marmorata post office, because of its perceived prominence as a target. A second bomb alert was triggered outside the ancient Roman building the Circus Maximus minutes after the post office blast Friday morning, but an inspection by police discovered the suspected device was actually a pair of builder’s sand bags.

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