Pro-Migrant Activists in Greece Under Investigation for Sexually Exploiting Migrants

Refugees wait to register for their monthly allowance on May 11, 2017 at Malakasa refugee

The European Union has begun an investigation into allegations that pro-migrant volunteers in Greece are sexually exploiting migrants.

The European Commission announced there would be a formal investigation, saying that members of a so far unnamed organisation may have sexually exploiting migrants they worked with in Greece.

The Commission has also confirmed it will be investigating the organisation on charges of corruption and has suspended all its EU funding, Salzburger Nachrichten reports.

The EU commission has said the priority will be first taking care of the victims of the alleged abuse. The Greek government has also been informed of the situation. The EU’s anti-fraud agency Olaf will also be involved in the investigation against the pro-migrant organisation.

Officials from the bloc stated it has a zero tolerance policy regarding any organisation that either misuses EU funds or violates basic fundamental human rights.

So far, the EU has yet to make a formal statement on the multiple arrests of members of the Italian mafia who were profiteering on the back of the migrant crisis. Despite no formal statement, a spokesman for the Commission has said there will be an investigation to check whether or not EU funds were also involved in the case.

Italian authorities arrested 68 individuals including a Catholic priest and charity organisers thought to have made millions of euros through fraud.

If the organisation in Greece turns out to have sexually exploited migrants, it will not be the first time pro-migrant activists have been sexually involved with the people they claim to be helping.

Before its destruction, the Calais Jungle migrant camp was reportedly rife with sexual exploitation. Open borders advocates, primarily from the UK, travelled to the camp to have sex with migrant men squatting there, according to a report from September of last year.

That same month a woman from Briton, who volunteered at the Calais Jungle, announced that she was marrying a Syrian man she met in the camp though denied she had initially gone to the camp to find a man.

The EU has also been critical of pro-migrant NGOs operating in the Mediterranean sea with the EU border agency Frontex saying NGOs encourage more migrants to make the perilous voyage.

An Italian prosecutor has been even more direct accusing the NGOs of working with people smugglers to bring more migrants to Europe.

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