Poll: 70 Per Cent of Brits Still Back Brexit

Pro-Brexit Demonstrators Call For Government To Trigger Article 50
Jack Taylor/Getty Images

A strong 70 per cent of the British public want the government to get on with Brexit, despite claims the general election result shows people turning away from leaving the Europe Union.

The YouGov poll, published Thursday, also revealed that Brexit supporters included 53 per cent of Remain voters.

A 14,000 strong poll from Lord Ashcroft, released the day before, returned almost precisely the same result – with 71 per cent wanting Brexit to go ahead.

The 70 per cent broke down into 44 per cent who personally supported Brexit and a further 26 per cent who think the government has a duty to go ahead with it.

Furthermore, a majority of the public support the prime minister’s negotiating targets, set out in January, when she promised to leave the Single Market and European courts, and control the UK’s borders.

At least 50 per cent of the public would be personally happy with these targets, 52 per cent say they will be good for the nation, and 61 per cent agree they respect the will of the people as expressed in the referendum.

Despite the public’s enduring support for leaving the EU, there has been a fall in confidence in Theresa May and her government’s ability to deliver Brexit.

Since YouGov last asked the people, confidence in the prime minister’s ability to negotiate her Brexit targets has fallen from 48 per cent in March, to 37 per cent in results released Thursday.

Those who think the government is doing a good job on Brexit has declined from 40 per cent in April to 22 per cent.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, and members of other parties are currently pushing for a so-called “soft Brexit” after the Conservatives lost their majority in Parliament.

However, only 23 per cent of Brits favour a “soft-Brexit”, according to the poll. A further 17 per cent want a second referendum and 43 per cent want a “hard-Brexit” as laid out by the prime minister.


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