Armed Police in Canterbury Respond to Man Who Charged at Children with His Vehicle

Armed police patrol by the Houses of Parliament on June 16, 2017. London police today arrested a man at the fence surrounding the British parliament on suspicion of carrying a knife, which comes nearly three months after an Islamist terror attack in the same area. / AFP PHOTO / Tolga …

Armed police were called late Monday night after residents in the vicinity of Howe Barracks saw a man charge a group of children with his car and wave a knife at them.

The residents called the police after a man drove up and down the street outside of the Army barracks charging a group of 20 children. Around 15 patrol cars and armed police arrived on the scene a short time later, though the suspect had already fled, KentOnline reports.

Witnesses say the man drove up and down the street waving a knife around looking for another man who he had previously had an altercation with.

“One of them went home, or so we thought, but the next thing I heard a car screeching so I ran to my sister’s gate and looked outside,” a local woman said.

“I saw a man drive at high speed, stop his car and step out. He told the other guy he was going to stab him with a kitchen knife. The other guy pushed the man back into his car and he screeched off again.”

“But he then spun the car round and drove rapidly back up the road trying to run this man and all that was around him down. There were children everywhere,” she added.

“It’s scary to see loads of people trying to stop him. I’ve never seen so many people help protect their children,” another witness said.

A 33-year-old Canterbury local was subsequently arrested and released later that a night and a 34-year-old man has also been arrested and held for questioning by the police.

None of the children or anyone else involved in the incident is thought to have been hurt.

The incident comes only days after Cardiff resident Darren Osborne ran several people over with a hired van outside of a mosque in London leaving one dead and injuring 10 others.

Police around the country are also on high alert for potential Islamic terror attacks involving vehicles like the London Bridge attack earlier this month and the Westminster Bridge attack in March.

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