VIDEO: Jeremy Corbyn Snubs Armed Forces Day to Party at Glastonbury

Matt Cardy/Getty

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has chosen to miss Armed Forces Day Celebrations so he can appear at Glastonbury Music Festival.

On Friday night, ahead of the far-left leader’s appearance on the main stage at 4:30 pm on Saturday, crowds at the largely middle-class event in the Somerset countryside spontaneous burst out into pro-Corbyn chants.

During the headline set by band Radiohead, tens of thousands of revelers chanted “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!” to the tune of the song Seven Nation Army by the band The White Stripes.

Similar chants broke out at smaller stages and tents across the event, which is the largest greenfield music festival in the world, attended by 175,000 people each year.

Addressing Mr. Corbyn’s appearance, Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis explained: “We’re Corbyn fans, that’s the thing. He’s got something new and precious, and people are excited about it. He really is the hero of the hour.”

However, it has emerged that Mr. Corbyn, a lifelong anti-war campaigner, had been invited to speak at Armed Forces Day celebrations in Liverpool on Saturday – the nation’s annual show of gratitude to our soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

Army officer-turned-Tory MP Johnny Mercer told the Sun the diary decision revealed Mr. Corbyn’s wrong priorities.

He said: “He couldn’t give two hoots about those who earn and protect the freedoms he so readily abuses with his offensive views.”

Adding: “It is more palatable for him to gatecrash a music festival in an attempt to convince himself he is more popular than he actually is. This joke is going on far too long for my liking.”

Just a couple of months ago, Mr. Corbyn renewed his calls for massive cuts to the British armed forces and has pushed hard for his party to officially back scrapping the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

The radical leftist has opposed every single military intervention the UK has engaged in in the post-war period, and during the general election campaign, it was argued he was a threat to national security.


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