Brussels: Hundreds of Migrants Establish Another ‘Jungle’ in European Union’s Capital City


Hundreds of illegal migrants hoping to sneak into the United Kingdom have transformed a park in the European Union’s capital into another ‘Jungle’, according to reports.

Up to 600 migrants — mostly Africans hailing from Eritrea and Sudan — are camping in Maximilian Park in Brussels, Belgium by night, Le Figaro reports.

The estimates were compiled by Médecins du Monde (MDM) and the Belgium Kitchen association; NGOs which have been assisting the migrants and providing them with food, despite fears this will lead to the camp growing and becoming more firmly established.

The old Calais ‘Jungle’, as the sprawling, crime-ridden shanty town which lay opposite the Port of Dover until it was cleared in late 2016 was known, came to house as many as 10,000 migrants.

Locals have done their level best to keep it from being re-established, trying to stop pro-migration NGOs from providing services to illegals, and to refuse to provide them with showers and other conveniences liable to make their city a more convenient launch pad for raids on the British border — but for the most part they have been overruled by judges and officials.

At least 1,000 migrants have already returned to the area in and around Calais, according to an investigation by The Times.

Illegal migrants have already made some 56,000 known attempts to breach Britain’s borders from French ports and terminals in 2016; it is unclear what the total would rise to if figures for Belgium were also included.

Hauliers have complained that migrants hoping to enter Britain are becoming increasingly violent, with one driver being killed in June when he collided with a makeshift roadblock which had been placed on the road to slow traffic.

“Our members are terrified and angry. Gangs of marauding migrants, often armed with iron bars are attacking their vehicles,” said the Road Haulage Association’s Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Rod McKenzie.

“The police are heavily outnumbered and it’s clear that they can no longer cope with the ever increasing numbers trying to make the crossing to the UK.”

The RHA has implored Emmanuel Macron to deploy the army in France, the situation has deteriorated so badly.

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