Whine House Down: Clinton Suspends Media after Falling, Hurting Foot in UK

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British media producers were left asking ‘What Happened?’ Monday, after failed U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton chose to cancel television and radio appearances promoting her new book in the United Kingdom.

Clinton’s tour went from bad to worse Monday as she missed planned appearances on the BBC’s Woman’s Hour slot, the This Morning show on ITV, and a pre-tape for the BBC’s Graham Norton Show. Britain’s Daily Mail reports a source who said Clinton was “exhausted” by her promotional tour, that she had fallen and hurt her foot, and was awaiting the results of an x-ray to decide whether to cancel all further appearances.

Recording for the Graham Norton show was rescheduled and Clinton was seen in studio wearing a leg brace.

The incident will recall the number of occasions during the 2016 presidential race when Clinton was seen to fall and stumble, prompting questions over her health.

This latest fall comes just two days after Clinton received a negative reaction at the Swansea University where she was visiting to be given an honorary doctorate. As she made the short walk from her vehicle to the doors of the university, boos and jeers could be heard from the assembled crowd, as well as at least one individual shouting “fascist” at the Democrat leader.

As well as promoting her book, Clinton has used her time in the United Kingdom to lash out at those she perceived as her enemies, including blaming Russian hackers for leaking emails assisted by Wikileaks, Macedonian fake news factories, and even Nigel Farage.

Criticising the former UKIP leader and Brexit pioneer, Clinton said: “Looking at Brexit, it was a precursor to what happened to us in the United States… You had Farage campaigning for Trump. The big lie is a very potent tool.”

Serving the accusation back on his LBC radio show, Mr Farage retorted: “Hillary Clinton is in a state of denial, she’s making herself look, frankly, ridiculous”.

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