Bolton Announces UKIP Leadership Team, Snubs Kurten Despite Promises

(LEFT) Education and apprenticeship spokesman David Kurten speaks at the UKIP South West regional conference at the Weymouth Pavilion on March 4, 2017 in Weymouth, England. It is the first public appearance of the headline speaker party leader Paul Nuttall since losing a by-election in Stoke-on-Trent last week. (RIGHT) Newly …

Former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate turned UKIP leader Henry Bolton has announced his leadership team, choosing ‘establishment’ allies and breaking a promise to appoint right-wing rival David Kurten.

In a statement seen by Breitbart London from former UKIP leadership candidate Kurten, the outgoing party education spokesman said he’d now use his time to bring attention to the spread of cultural Marxism in education, and work on “gathering together the forces of conservatism” around the country.

On the decision by UKIP’s new leader to not follow through on his promise to make him deputy leader, Kurten said: “During the leadership election, [Henry Bolton] stated on a number of occasions that he would appoint me as the Deputy Leader of the party if he were to win. This includes the official hustings in Birmingham and to my understanding, branch meetings in Wales and Salisbury. This pledge was also repeated in an online blog.

“It is, of course, disappointing that he has changed his mind and decided to appoint a different person. However, I will continue to support the party in my role as a member of the London Assembly, and in fighting for a full, clean Brexit.”

A senior party source told Breitbart London they were “disappointed” as the grassroots of the party had been “ignored” in the decision.

Former senior advisor to Nigel Farage and Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam also expressed his disappointment in the leadership selections on Twitter, remarking the reneged promise caused a loss of trust.

On his plans for the future, Kurten said: “… [this] presents an opportunity to create a new venture to educate people about cultural Marxism, its quite deliberately disastrous and corrosive effects on our civilization and how to combat it, particularly in our education system. I am planning to tour around the country over the next few months to speak about these issues and help gather together the ‘forces of conservatism’ to restore and rebuild the nation.”

The party’s Deputy Leader will be East Midlands MEP Margot Parker, formerly the Women’s Spokesman, despite Mr. Bolton having promised the position to the traditionalist, “common sense” candidate David Kurten during the leadership campaign.

Mr. Kurten is a science teacher, and his former position of Education Spokesman appears to have been abolished. He was attacked during the leadership campaign by UKIP’s LGBT group, who threatened to walk out if he was appointed because of his views on gender and sexuality.

The Assistant Deputy Leaders of the party will be Jim Carver MEP and Mike Hookem MEP. Mr. Carver resigned as UKIP’s Foreign Affairs Spokesman in April in protest of a proposed burqa ban.

David Coburn MEP will stay on as the party’s leader in Scotland, whilst Peter Whittle AM has been demoted from Deputy Leader to the UKIP’s spokesman in London.

Ray Finch will be the party’s MEP Delegation Leader; Jonathan Bullock MEP is in charge of Energy; Jane Collins MEP will cover Home Affairs, Police, and Fire; the Justice spokesman will be Peter Jewell; Immigration and Integration will be covered John Bickley; and Richard Bingley will speak on Cyber Terrorism.

Former Marine Mike Hookem MEP stays on as a spokesman for Veterans and Fisheries and the spokesman for Exiting the European Union will be Gerard Batten MEP.

Mr. Bolton said: “UKIP has a moral obligation to hold the government to account for taking us out of the European Union. Clear and decisive leadership is crucial and we shall deliver it.

“Together, my team and I will now commence the urgent work of projecting our party firmly and decisively into British politics with the purpose of securing our nation’s interests through Brexit and beyond.”

Margot Parker MEP, the new Deputy Leader, said: “I was both delighted and honoured to be asked by Henry to become the party’s deputy leader. It is time for everyone in UKIP to pull together and drive the party forward over the next few years.

“I will continue my work as an MEP to ensure a clean Brexit and to fight for what is best for the country. I will also be working closely with our new leader and his team over the next 18 months or so – a crucial period which will help shape the future of the UK.”


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