Britain’s State Healthcare Service Asks 10-Year-Olds If They Are ‘Comfortable In Their Gender’

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

An NHS health survey given out in schools is asking children aged ten whether they are “comfortable in their gender”, as well as whether they are a boy, a girl or “other”.

While the questionnaire has traditionally been used to monitor pupils height, weight and fitness, forms sent to schools across Lancashire by the county’s NHS foundation trust asks Year 6 pupils: “Do you feel the same inside as the gender you were born with? (feeling male or female)”.

Children are also offered a choice of “other”, in addition to male and female, in a question asking them to confirm their gender, according to the Daily Telegraph, which reported that it is unclear whether trusts outside Lancashire have adopted the initiative.

Parents were given the option of having their child opt out of the survey, which the NHS said would help healthcare workers and teachers devise “better ways to understand and support” children who may be confused about their gender.

Lyndsey Simpson, a mother whose whose 10-year-old daughter was asked to take part in the initiative, told the Telegraph: “I don’t want someone putting into my daughter’s head that she might not be happy with her own gender.

“It’s one thing if they feel that way already, but if they don’t, then do you want them to be unhappy for their whole lives?”

The survey was condemned by UKIP education spokesman David Kurten, who stated that 10-year-olds are “far too young” to be faced with questions promoting “unscientific” and “fringe” ideologies favoured by transgender activists, which he said have led to children under the age of 16 being referred for treatments that can cause “irreversible changes”.

He told Breitbart London: “The NHS should stick to what it is meant to do: caring for the health of British men and women, and children, and not trying to create issues which do not exist by confusing children with the idea that they are the ‘wrong gender’.”

Earlier this year Breitbart London reported on how UK schools — especially primaries — have been signing up in large numbers to a government-funded scheme which helps them promote LGBT lifestyles across the curriculum in the name of “preventing homophobia”.

In addition to helping schools adopt gender-neutral uniforms and toilets, Educate & Celebrate urge identity politics be injected into every subject including I.T., maths and geography in order to “actively confront prejudice”.

Another initiative in Britain aimed at teaching children not even old enough to attend school counter “hate” sees men dressed as women brought into nursery schools as “queer role models”.

Drag Queen Story Time (DQST) holds sessions at taxpayer-funded schools, community centres, and libraries at which children learn songs about “transgender” teddy bears, as cross-dressers teach about homophobia and racism, and read books which promote transgender lifestyles.


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