‘Merkel Has the Blood of My Son on Her Hands’: Mother of Terror Victim

German Chancellor and head of the Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) Angela Merkel arr

The mother of the truck driver murdered by failed asylum seeker terrorist Anis Amri last Christmas has blamed German Chancellor Angela Merkel for his death saying his blood is “on her hands”.

Lukasz Urban was the first victim of the radical Islamic terrorist Anis Amri when he hijacked the Polish driver’s truck, murdering him in the process. Amri then took the vehicle through a packed Christmas market running down bystanders, killing 12 and injuring more than 50 others.

Janina Urban, the mother of the murdered truck driver, has spoken out against Chancellor Merkel and refused to meet with her, demanding a personal apology.

“I want to tell Mrs. Merkel that she has my son’s blood on her hands,” Mrs. Urban said and was joined by her husband Henryk Urban who declared the German government “disrespectful”.

Mr. Urban also criticised the monument dedicated to the victims of the terror attack, which includes their names inscribed on steps at the Breitscheidplatz where the attack took place.

The cousin and former employer of Lukasz, Ariel Zurawski, received 10,000 euros from the German federal government after the attack but has now hired a lawyer claiming that the German government should pay a sum “ten-times higher”.

Chancellor Merkel recently spoke about meeting with the families of the victims saying it was “very important”.

“One thing is clear, and I am aware that this suffering, this complete change of one’s life, will not be reversible, and yet we show sympathy and will improve it even where things need to be improved,” Merkel said.

The German government, and particularly the Berlin police, has been criticised by many for not deporting Anis Amri before he carried out the attack last year. Amri was known to police as being part of both the radical Islamic Salafist scene and a known drug dealer.

Special investigator Bruno Jost has even implicated members of the Berlin police in covering up information they knew about Amri prior to the attack. Jost also revealed that investigators had not watched Amri full time, taking weekends and holidays off.

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