Eject Tory Arch Remainer Heseltine for Backing Corbyn, Calling to Stop Brexit: Think Tank

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Britain’s oldest Conservative think tank The Bow Group has called for Lord Heseltine to be expelled from the Conservatives in the House of Lords after he suggested a Corbyn lead government should take power to stop Brexit.

“Heseltine has made clear it is his aim to prevent Brexit at all costs, including the sabotage of his own Party and nation; the Conservative Party must, therefore, withdraw the whip and end the inevitable continuation of his sniping from inside the tent,” chairman of The Bow Group Cllr Ben Harris-Quinney said Wednesday.

In an interview with the left-wing political blog The Limehouse Podcast, the former deputy prime minister, who helped to bring down the premiership of Margaret Thatcher, claimed a Labour Party government would not be as ‘damaging’ as Brexit.

“Well, we have survived Labour governments before,” Heseltine said. “Their damage tends to be short-term and capable of rectification. Brexit is not short-term and is not easily capable of rectification. There will be those who question whether the short-term pain justifies the avoidance of the long-term disaster.”

The Tory grandee added that though he believes a second referendum “would be a vehicle for ending Brexit”, he would rather parliament frustrate the will of the people – particularly if either “this present parliament became hostile or because in an election the issue was rethought and a subsequent parliament did it”.

The long-time Europhile, who has called for parliament to ignore the Brexit vote, then affirmed his “preoccupation is ending Brexit: the means, well anything to hand”.

Fellow Tory would-be Brexit saboteur Ken Clarke told another Limehouse Podcast episode that he would “love to reverse the referendum if I thought we could”, and said Corbyn had “risen to the job of being quite a credible leader” of the opposition.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Mr, Harris-Quinney said: “In examining Michael Heseltine’s c.v., one finds a man who was once a self-confessed confidence trickster who sold margarine as butter and somehow due to the lack of spine and mettle in Britain managed to worm his way into being a shill for a foreign government within our government, bringing down the greatest peacetime Prime Minister in history.

“Now, in his senility, he is attempting to subvert the British people directly in trying to stop Brexit. It’s time someone stood up to this absolute dog and pulled the choke chain. I was proud to expel him from the Bow Group and if this Government has any backbone they will follow suit,” he added, describing the liberal subversive’s career as a “litany of traitorous and self-serving practices”.

Heseltine was ejected from the board of patrons of The Bow Group, the United Kingdom’s oldest conservative think tank, in 2016 for being “a liberal infiltrator and a traitor to the conservative movement” and for his alleged involvement in the “Tatler Tory” bullying scandal.

The Bow Group chairman added that Brexit negotiations cannot be lead by a Conservative government that “allows outright sabotage to go unaddressed within its own ranks”. Acknowledging that Tories will disagree with the government’s approach to Brexit, Mr. Harris-Quinney, however, asserted that “for a member to be invested in bringing a Corbyn lead government into power in order to ignore the democratic will of the people in voting for Brexit cannot be tolerated”.

The Bow Group announced Wednesday afternoon that fellow Conservative Peer and former party chairman Lord Tebbit, Eurosceptic think tank the Bruges Group, and the grassroots Conservative Progress are backing calls for Lord Heseltine to be expelled from the Conservatives in the House of Lords.

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