The 67+ Times Left-Wing, Verified Twitter Users WEREN’T Banned for Using the Same Language as Breitbart’s Kassam

Raheem Jail4

Following Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam’s suspension from Twitter, we decided to find out just how many times verified, anti-Trump, liberal tweeters have got away with using the same language.

Kassam’s offending tweet — according to Twitter — was as follows:

The only presumably offensive part of the tweet is the use of the pejorative “f*cktard”. But upon investigation, Breitbart London found hundreds of examples of use of the word, both directed at ordinary people, and at politicians like President Trump, VP Mike Pence, Congressman Paul Ryan, and others which have gone unpunished by Twitter.

Here’s a look at the top 67 tweets from just one year, and which verified Twitter users they were sent by:

1. ESPN staffer Katie Nolan:

 2. Variety Awards Editor Kristopher Tapley:

3. An angry liberal complaining about Obamacare repeal:

4. Never Trumper Ben Howe, who also claims he’s been “too polite” to Trump supporters:

5. Wall Street Journal/Washington Post writer Amy Westervelt:

6. Trump derangement syndrome sufferer and HuffPo writer Justin Lew Block:

7. Daily Beast, Salon, and IJR leftist Gary Legum:

8. The Mixx Radio Network’s corporate account, tweeting at the President of the United States:

9. Anti-Mike Pence/Donald Trump cosplayer and gamer April Hunter:

10. The Daily Beast’s Noah Schactman:

11. Anti-Trump D-List actor Patrick Brammall:

12. Anti-Trump social media manager for Grubhub Mallorie Rosenbluth:

13. A band called Yuck:

14. Forbes and New York Times contributor Rebecca Theodore-Vachon:

15. Anti-Trump conspiracy tweeter John Schindler:

16. American Muslim Women Committee founder Mirriam Seddiq:

17. ESPN Radio Contributor Vincent Frank:

18. Anti-Trump “comedian” Christopher Titus:

19. Anti-Trump CBS staffer Sasha Charnin Morrison:

20. Anti-Trump tweeter Fresh Daily:

21. Deputy Editor of Britain’s left-wing ‘I’ newspaper, Rob Hastings:

22. Guardian veteran Jack Schofield, twice:

23. Left-wing newsletter writer Dave Pell:

24. Anti-Trump “comedian” Jason Elia:

25. Self-professed “fat woman” Becca Stokes:

26. Documentary maker Graeme Swann:

27. Filmmaker Scott Derrickson:

28. Actor Ayden Callaghan:

29. Writer Ben Rimalower:

30. Entertainment Weekly writer Emma Caulfield Ford:

31. Women’s March chairman Tee Marie Hanible:

32. Clinton fan-boy journalist David Simon:

33. ESPN Editor Debayan Sen:

34. Broadcaster Bryn Lucas:

35. Anti-Trump YouTuber Chef Resha:

36. Parks and Recreation actress Mo Collins:

37. “Comedian” Alia Janine:

38. Netflix “comedian” Kathleen Madigan:

39. Vegetarian food blogger Jerry James Stone:

40. Senior editor at E! News Natalie Finn:

41. Tucker Carlson hater ABCNT:

42. Guardian/BBC journalist Zoe Margolis:

43. Guardian/Al Jazeera contributor Sana Saleem:

44. Netflix director Rod Blackhurst:

45. Has-been comedian Dom Joly:

46. Plus sized British blogger Georgina Horne:

47. Former BBC journalist Victoria Scott:

48. TED talker Dan Bell:

49. Signer Alona Tal:

50. Anti-Brexit musician Guy Pratt:

51. Anti-Trump musical producer Christopher Clegg:

52. UK-based university lecturer Iain Overton:

53. (Another) Variety editor, Malina Saval:

54. Black Lives Matter supporter Matt Kolsky:

55. Chelsea Handler:

56. Documentary maker John Battsek:

57. Washington Post/Salon writer Alan Zilberman:

58. Writer Dino Demilio:

59. Miss Gay America 2010 Coco Montrese:

60. HuffPost blogger Jillian:

61. Songwriter Diane Warren:

62. Portlandia writer Karey Dornetto

63. Canadian actor Michael Shanks:

64. This guy:

65. Forbes contributor Bob Egan:

66. writer Batya Ungar-Sargon:

67. Actress and Women’s Marcher Christine Lahti:

There’s more, believe us…


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