Dan Hannan Defends Soros and Big Money, Pro Mass Migration Billionaires


The notionally “Conservative” Daniel Hannan MEP has intervened in the Brexit debate in defence of Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros and other pro-mass migration backers such as the Koch brothers.

Hannan — whose globalist duplicity I have written about many times — has revealed his hand again, writing for the Washington Examiner in a piece entitled “In Defense of George Soros“.

In the article he states criticism of Soros’s interventions has “unpleasant undertones”, though he concedes this allusion to anti-Semitism is less powerful than it once was given Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scathing remarks about the billionaire leftist.

Presumably, however, this means without such comments Hannan would join the brigade of establishment mouthpieces attempting to tie concerns over Soros’s personal and political agendas to Jew-hatred.

Daniel Finkelstein in the Times of London today embodies such thoughtless debasement of anti-Semitism, using it as a political cudgel to shut down discourse.

And Hannan — a man who has previously toured America attempting to flex his “conservative” credentials — cites the pro-mass migration Koch brothers as rationale for why the right should not be concerned about big money donors:

Try flipping it around. Imagine a Soros of the Right, a wealthy backer of free-market movements. Actually, we don’t have to imagine. The Koch brothers are, to left-wing conspiracy theorists, what Soros is to their conservative equivalents. Day after day, they are accused of using their wealth to subvert the democratic process. But what is it that they have actually done? Since the 1970s, they have openly and proudly supported various pro-enterprise foundations and institutes. Like Soros, they are accused of acting furtively when they are behaving no less privately than any other citizen. And you know what? They have helped make America a better place.

But Soros is not in favour of free markets — he’s a corporatist, and he would stand side-by-side with the Koch brothers and other billionaires who routinely campaign against national sovereignty and the idea of strong borders.

Daniel Garza of the Koch brothers’ LIBRE Initiative recently told Fortune magazine: “We cannot support arbitrary cuts to future legal immigration levels”. This was in reference to the Trump administration efforts to end chain migration in the United States.

It’s not the first time Hannan has attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of conservatives or Brexiteers.

Hannan was a big Obama supporter, a leading ‘Never Trump’ voice in Europe, a critic of lowering immigration, and has described himself as an “aggressive feminist” before attempting to scrub his anti-Trump tweets from the social media service.

Ahead of Britain’s Brexit referendum, Hannan appeared to be on the fence on the matter despite notionally campaigning for a British leave vote for years. He has also described the hard-line Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as “decent” and “honest”.

Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of Breitbart London


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