Left-Wing Italian Party Holds Voting Class For Muslims Where Only Their Party Is Shown On Ballots

A pedestrian passes in front of election hoardings in Milan on March 1, 2018, prior to the Italian presidential elections. Growth up, deficit down: Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni's centre-left government got a boost from new data ahead of a weekend election in which the state of the economy is …

The left-wing Italian Democratic Party (PD) held a voting class for Muslims this week in Milan, with some highlighting the fact that the party had used ballots where the only choice was the Democratic Party.

The lesson on voting was held at the Islamic Center of Milan and Lombardy earlier this week, and was facilitated by the Milan secretary of the PD Pietro Bussolati and municipal councillor Sumaya Abdel Qader Il Giornale reports.

Pictures surfaced from the event which showed the PD politician alongside Egyptian Muslim Sameh Meligy, who is reported to not only have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is considered a terror group in many countries, but is also said to be on a terror blacklist in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The class comes only days after Muslims at the nearby Segrate mosque, also known as Masjid al-Rahmàn, put out a bulletin instructing believers to vote for the left-wing coalition led by the Democratic Party and former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The main reason for the endorsement of the centre-left coalition is their proposal to change the Italian citizenship laws to allow anyone born on Italian soil to gain automatic citizenship, as in other countries like the United States.

Currently, the law requires at least one of the parents of a child to have Italian citizenship before the child can be granted automatic citizenship, although there are some limited exceptions.

Despite their attempts to win over the Muslim vote, the centre-left coalition is deemed incredibly unlikely to win Sunday’s national election as they poll behind both the right-leaning coalition and the Five Star Movement (M5S), who are both opposed to mass migration and sceptical of the European Union.

Current polls suggest that the right-leaning coalition between the populist La Lega, led by firebrand Matteo Salvini, and the conservative Forza Italia, led by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, are likely to come out on top in the vote.

Both leaders have promised to deport hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants and Salvini has made clear statements rejecting the Islamisation of Italy, calling Islam “dangerous.”

Salvini also commented on the PD’s Muslim voting class, telling voters: “While I swear on the gospel… Choose the Italy you want to leave to your children.”

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