Matteo Salvini

Tourists are seen visiting the ancient Colosseum as seen from the topmost floor on the occasion of a media tour presenting the re-opening after forty years of the fourth and fifth level of the Italy's most famous site, in Rome, Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017. Italian Culture Minister Dario Francheschini was …

Rome with a View: Colosseum Sets Visitor Record in 2018

The Roman Colosseum set a new record for visitors in 2018 as Italian counter-terrorism forces have sent a convincing message that citizens and tourists will be protected and have nothing to fear.


Priest Dismisses Anti-Mass Migration Voters as ‘Insignificant Christians’

Italian priest Enrico d’Ambrosio attacked populist party supporters claiming that those who supported Matteo Salvini’s Lega party were “insignificant Christians” due to the anti-mass migration policies of the party. Father d’Ambrosio attacked supporters of Interior Minister Salvini during a homily earlier this