Transgender Labour Equalities Adviser Quits After ‘Gay Bashing’ and ‘Hairy Lesbians’ Row

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 15: Lily Allen and Munroe Bergdorf pose for photographs at the Diversity in Media Awards on September 15, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)
Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty

A transgender model has quit as an equality adviser to the Labour shadow cabinet after being criticised for calling the “white race” dangerous, attacking “hairy lesbians”, and calling for “gay bashing”.

Munroe Bergdorf was pictured with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last month, boasting that she would be helping the party “push through fairer and more effective policy change” as part of a new LGBT advisory board.

The appointment was heavily criticised in the media, however, as more racist and anti-gay comments surfaced.

In her resignation letter, Ms. Bergdorf did not apologise and blamed “endless attacks on my character by the conservative right-wing press and relentless online abuse”.

The BBC has repeatedly promoted the model and her views, and reporting her departure from the Labour role, they failed to quote her abusive and bigoted comments, choosing to focus on alleged “online abuse” she claims to have received.

On Twitter, the activist has called the suffragettes “white supremacists”, gay Tory activists a “special kind of d*ckhead”, and lesbians “hairy” and “barren”. She also joked about “gay bashing” a homosexual.

Previously, she wrote on Facebook that “the white race is the most violent and destructive force of nature on earth”, and insisted that “ALL white people” are racist and innately dangerous.

Tory MP Helen Grant said spoke out against the comments following her appointment by Labour, claiming her words “damage… the campaign to promote equality”.

In her resignation statement, Ms. Bergdorf added: “I refuse to be painted as a villain or used as a pawn in the press’ efforts, especially those at the Daily Mail, to discredit the Labour party and push their transphobic rightist agendas.”

Continuing: “I will not allow myself to be centred in this negative narrative but more importantly I don’t want to stand in the way of the board serving as a positive catalyst for change within the UK’s LGBT communities.

“I refuse to be used as a distraction from the upcoming discussions concerning the Gender Recognition Act and the Conservative party’s lack of action on the Racial Disparities Audit.”


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