Andrzej Guzdraj Jailed for Targetting, Raping Woman with Mental Age of 12

A cell is pictured inside Reading prison during an exhibition photocall at the prison in Reading, west of London on September 1, 2016. Having closed it's doors as a conventional prison in 2013, Reading Prison opens to the public for a major new project in which leading artists, performers and …

Andrzej Guzdraj, 32, has been convicted of raping a mentally impaired 18-year-old in a “sordid shelter” by a derelict building after giving her ecstasy.

Guzdraj pleaded not guilty to rape and supplying ecstasy to the young woman at Warwick Crown Court but was found guilty of both counts on Monday, with Judge Sally Hancox telling him he would receive a sentence in the double figures, the Rugby Observer reports.

The rapist told the jury he had no idea that the-then 18-year-old girl had a mental age of a 12-year-old child when he followed her around Rugby town centre and approached her for sex in 2016.

The jury heard that because of her very obvious mental impediment, she was naive “and inclined to answer questions with an instant yes, without really understanding what she’s expected to do”.

Prosecutor Peter Cooper said: “She would do anything an adult tells her. It would have been apparent she presented as significantly younger than her chronological age, and in a doctor’s opinion she did not have the capacity to consent to sexual relations at the time.”

Referring to CCTV footage, Mr. Cooper ran through the timeline of Guzdraj’s encounter with the girl, beginning with when he saw and approached her outside of the supermarket Asda at 8:45 am when he asked her for sex.

“The defendant in his interview would tell the police he accepted he had propositioned her.

“We say it was because he recognised straight away this was someone who was profoundly vulnerable,” the prosecutor told the court.

She then went into Asda but Guzdraj waited outside for her and propositioned her again, to which she again said no.

However, the rapist changed tactic and pressured her to go with him. The jury heard that Guzdraj asked his victim if she were frightened of him and she said “yes”.

When he went into a shop to buy alcohol and condoms, he left her outside and she ran away back to the town centre. CCTV shows Guzdraj spending half an hour tracking her down again.

He then took her to a “sordid shelter” at the edge of the car park where he gave her an ecstasy tablet, telling her it was a Tic-tac, before raping her.

Afterwards, Guzdraj made the victim promise he would not tell anyone, but after making her way to a coffee shop in the city centre she asked for a Town Ranger and told him that she had been raped.

Judge Hancox told Guzdraj: “What took place was the most appalling set of circumstances. You targeted someone who, even to the untrained eye, was a young woman with certain cognitive difficulties.”

On Tuesday, Breitbart London reported that Afghan failed asylum seeker Masud Wakili was jailed for eight years for raping an 18-year-old woman, who was described as having an intellectual impairment, in the stairwell of a block of flats.

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