CATO’s Ryan Bourne Takes to Niche UK Paper To Attack Trump, Kassam on Trade

Ryan BOurne

The CATO Institute’s Ryan Bourne has taken to the pages of a small UK paper to slam President Trump’s approach to multinational giant Amazon, though Bourne’s “analysis” admits he doesn’t know basic business terms.

Bourne — a Westminster pseudo-conservative type who recently moved to Washington, D.C. to help the pro-open border CATO institute — also used his platform to attack Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam, after Kassam backed Trump’s approach to tackling corporatism.

He wrote:

After one week and four aggressive tweets from Trump, Amazon’s share price initially fell 10 per cent. Emboldened, Trump is ramping up the pressure: raising the prospect of investigations into Amazon’s effects on competition, removing government contracts from the company, or threatening higher postal costs through the US Postal Service (USPS).

What exactly has the company done to warrant this? Trump loyalists have thrown the kitchen sink at Jeff Bezos’ firm. Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam has accused the company of “cross sector dominance, tax avoidance, political interference, market distortion tactics, crowding out, spyware, [and being a] strain on public utility”.

Put aside the pseudo-sounding-but-not-economic mumbo-jumbo and add “it hurts bricks and mortar retailers”, and you have the full house of bad reasoning.

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