UK Businesses Ready for Brexit, Reject Second Referendum

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British businesses have rejected the prospect of a second Brexit referendum and are focusing instead on “building a global Britain”.

“Business likes certainty and I can’t see how discussion of a second referendum helps create that certainty when the negotiations are not even concluded,” Chief Executive Officer of TheCityUK Miles Celic told Bloomberg News.

“Businesses are uninterested in politics. They want commercial predictability,” Paul Hardy, Brexit director at law firm DLA Piper, added. “Those who have spent a lot of money on it are ready to deal with it.”

As well as embracing the certainty of Brexit, businesses are also said to be encouraged by the 21-month transition period which gives them additional time to prepare for the country’s exit.

According to a Deloitte survey of Chief Financial Officers published last week, business optimism has increased, corporate uncertainty has fallen to a two-year low, and anxieties over hiring and spending have also decreased.

Head of Europe and trade policy at the Institute of Directors Allie Renison told Bloomberg that “rehashing” debates from the Brexit referendum nearly two years ago “will do little to move us forward”.

“Our focus must be on building a global Britain,” Ms. Renison asserted.

Businesses backing Brexit comes as customs authorities on the continent are hiring inspectors and building new checkpoints to conduct border checks in anticipation of a Brexit based on World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, pointing to EU nations accepting that the UK is really leaving the bloc.

Indeed, last week a leading European commissioner admitted that the European Commission accepts the UK is leaving and is not changing her mind.

On the weekend, key figures from Remain’s continuity campaign Open Britain launched the so-called  People’s Vote, which joins the Soros-backed Best for Britain and the globalist Macron-inspired Renew Britain to push for a second referendum and stop Brexit.

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