EXCLUSIVE — Marine Le Pen’s Message to Trump: ‘Macron Is Not a New Political Cycle, He’s the End of the Old One’

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NICE, France — Front National President Marine Le Pen wants to send a kind word of warning to President Donald Trump following the recent state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to the United States: he’s not the one you want.

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London following a large rally of supporters in Nice, France, Ms. Le Pen said President Trump “should not be mistaken” about President Macron and his ambitions.

“Macron is not the new cycle [of politics],” she said. “He is the end of the old cycle.”

Speaking to a crowd of over 1500 supporters in the southern French city, Ms. Le Pen talked of the new wave of European populists and patriots ready to take control and govern across the continent.

The rally — hosted by her pan-European political group ‘Movement for a Europe of Nations’ — included speakers from Austria’s new governing Freedom Party, as well as counterparts from Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, and more.

“Another way has now opened. Everyone sees that the EU’s project is out of breath and that it is cracking from all sides,” she told the crowd.

“The European Union is not Europe; It is even the Anti-European Union, because it is seen in Lampedusa in Calais, or, not far from here in Menton, it does not serve the idea of Europe but works on its destruction by dilution and submersion. ”

Ms. Le Pen further described the European Union as a “disembodied entity, blinded by its ideology of free trade and open borders,” adding that “migratory madness… is in the process of making Europe sink”.

She told Breitbart London her idea of a European Union was best summed up as “the comeback of nations” after the idea of the nation state had been effectively banned. She described the European Union as becoming “a system more like the Soviet Union”.

She said the rally’s attendees and speakers had the “same dream of the nation” and lauded the differences in cultures even within Europe.

“Our Europe is the continent of diversity. Diversity of cultures, languages, laws, customs, the arts of living,” she said.

But the runner up in the French Presidential election saved her strongest words for the man who beat her: Emmanuel Macron.

“The reality of what Mr. Macron calls [‘a Europe that protects’ is where there] are farmers driven to suicide, there are businesses squashed under the regulations!”

The afternoon speech concluded a meeting of parties from across the continent, during which supporters chanted, “on est chez nous!” (we are at home) which the establishment media has tried to portray as a “xenophobic” statement, rather than an expression of pride in France’s culture and identity.

The Front National, alongside sister movements in France and across Europe, are preparing for the European Elections in 2019, which will also witness the British refusing to elect Members of the European Parliament for the first time since 1979.

Raheem Kassam is the editor in chief of Breitbart London


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