Exclusive: Populist MEP Demands Union Flags, Fast-Track System For Citizens At UK Ports of Entry

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Populist independent UK MEP Janice Atkinson has demanded newly appointed Home Secretary Sajid Javid to start flying the Union flag and create a fast-track system for UK citizens at all ports of entry.

Ms Atkinson, who serves as a vice-president of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) European parliamentary group, made the request to the Home Secretary in a letter this week which has been seen by Breitbart London.

In the letter, Atkinson describes returning to the UK from recent trips to the United States and Russia and wrote, “What strikes me every time I enter other countries is their patriotic welcome to those coming home.”

“As we embark on a new Brexit chapter in our history, I would like to see our Union flag flown high at our ports of entry, starting at embarkation and continuing into the customs hall,” she said and added, “It would be a welcome sign for returning UK citizens and would serve as a reminder to visitors that they are entering a patriotic, great and proud country.”

Atkinson also demanded the Home Secretary create a fast track programme ahead of Brexit taking full effect so that British citizens would not have to wait in the same lines as those holding a European Union passport, “while others sail through.”

Formerly a member of UKIP, Atkinson has been prominent as the sole UK MEP in the ENF which includes some of Europe’s most well-known populists like French Front National leader Marine Le Pen, Dutch firebrand Geert Wilders and Italian La Lega leader Matteo Salvini.

In March, Atkinson and other ENF members invited Canadian journalist Lauren Southern to speak at the European Parliament following the UK government’s refusal to allow Southern into the country.

Southern was detained at the UK border office in Calais under the Terrorism Act and refused entry due to leaflets she had handed out in the UK which claimed: “Allah is a gay god.”

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