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Around 2000 migrants who arrived by train, walk near the border town of Kljuc Brdovecki, on October 24, 2015, to cross the Croatia-Slovenia border. Crowds of refugees and other migrants camp by roads in western Balkan countries in worsening autumn weather after Hungary sealed its borders with Serbia and Croatia, …

Survey: 78 Percent of Europeans Want Tighter Control of Borders

A massive poll covering all 28 European Union (EU) states has revealed an overwhelming concern over illegal immigration with more than three-quarters of EU citizens saying that Europe’s external borders should be better protected.


Austria Increases Border Controls to Stem Migrant Influx

VIENNA (AP) — Austria’s interior minister says police and soldiers are increasing controls on the country’s eastern and southern borders in response to what he says are increased numbers of migrants entering illegally.


Post-Brexit Britain Could Shift Border Controls to Ireland

Britain could shift her frontline immigration controls to Irish ports and airports in a bid to avoid a “hard border” being created with the state when Britain leaves the European Union (EU), a government minister has suggested.

Migrants arrive at the Austrian-German border in Wegscheid near Passau, Germany, October 27, 2015.

Germany Begs European Commission To Allow Extension Of Border Controls

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany will ask the European Commission to allow an extension of temporary border controls within the Schengen zone of passport-free travel beyond mid-May, Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere said on Saturday. Germany and some other European Union


Calais Migrant Crisis Latest: Stowaway Detection Monitors Go On Sale

A carbon dioxide detector which can alert truck drivers to illegal migrants hiding in their loads went on sale in Britain yesterday. The product is aimed at freight companies such as those using the French port of Calais where hundreds of migrants have been boarding Britain-bound

Jean-Christophe Magnenet/AFP

French Court Rules Italian Border Patrols Are Legal

France’s top administrative court has ruled that border controls on the French/Italian border do not violate the Schengen agreement, confirming the country can stop migrants entering through Italy. The migrants, predominantly Africans, have become a source of tension between the two

Drug smuggling tunnel on Mexico border, Naco, Arizona

Drug Smuggling Tunnel Found After $3 Million Pot Bust on Border

Federal agents discovered an underground tunnel crossing the border into Mexico from Naco, Arizona on Tuesday as part of an investigation after a traffic stop that yielded over two tons of marijuana, with a value of approximately $3 million.