Turks Across Europe Celebrate Reelection of Islamist Turkish President Erdogan

Turkish nationals, supporters of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, currently residing in Bos
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Turkish residents and citizens of Belgium, France, and the Netherlands who overwhelming voted for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took to the streets to celebrate his victory.

The Islamist President saw overwhelming support in several Western European countries, according to a poll showing the votes of Turkish citizens living abroad reported by Turkish newspaper Hürriyet.

The data shows that in Belgium 74.9 percent of Turks voted for Erdoğan, which was similar in neighbouring Holland with 73 percent and in Austria with 72.3 percent.

In France, Erdoğan still won a majority of the Turkish vote with 63.7 percent and in Germany, he garnered 64.8 percent.

Countries with smaller Turkish national populations like the UK, Spain, and Italy saw the majority of votes go to Erdoğan’s rival Muharrem İnce who conceded defeat on Sunday evening.

Across several countries, Turkish residents took to the streets to celebrate the victory of President Erdoğan in the election which is only the latest victory for the Turkish leader who has rapidly consolidated power by recently winning a referendum to abolish the position of Prime Minister.

On Twitter, users posted videos of Turks celebrating the election.

In Brussels, Turkish nationals took to the streets chanting slogans and waving Turkish flags. In the French city of Strasbourg, Turks flew flags from their cars to celebrate the win, while another video, said to be from the French commune of Cluses, showed Turkish voters yelling “Allahu Akbar” and chanting Erdoğan’s name.

In the Austrian capital of Vienna, a crowd of around 200 Turks took to the streets of the heavily migrant-populated Favoriten district according to tabloid Kronen Zeitung which described the Turks as celebrating their “Sultan”.

In the Netherlands, the Turkish celebrations of Erdoğan’s electoral win were slammed by Dutch firebrand politician Geert Wilders who wrote on Twitter: “Total invasion. Turks who celebrate the Islamofascism of Erdoğan here. No integration but colonisation.”

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