Delingpole: Jack Dorsey’s Twitter ‘Hateful Conduct’ Rule Only Applies to Conservatives…

Jack Dorsey

What kind of warped, debased person do you need to be to go around wishing cancer recurrence on someone recovering from cancer?

Good question. Perhaps it should be addressed to Twitter blue check Mitten d’Amour…

No. Scrub that. The question should actually be addressed to Twitter’s chief morality policeman Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey, as we know, claims to take a very dim view of ugly, bullying, malign trolling behaviour on Twitter.

So how come this person @mittendamour has suffered no consequences for her thoroughly nasty tweet – still up at the time of writing? How does wishing more cancer on a cancer victim not count as “hateful conduct”?

And how come, more to the point, when @ljgravesart the victim of this nasty tweet responded with a – thoroughly deserved – four letter expletive, she landed herself a ban from Twitter?

Could it perhaps be that because @lsgravesart is on the conservative side of the argument and frequently holds Social Justice Warriors up to ridicule she does not get the same special protection which Twitter affords people on the left?


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