UKIP Leader: Govt ‘Manufacturing a National Emergency’ with Project Fear 2.0 to Crush Brexit


UK Independence Party leader Gerard Batten has accused the Government of manufacturing a national emergency with its “ridiculous” EU warnings in order to bolster support for Theresa May’s ultra-soft Brexit plan.

In recent days, a number of state and corporate sources have suggested that, if Britain walked away from its negotiations with the EU without a formal exit agreement and reverted to dealing with it on normal third country terms, it would be plunged into crisis.

It has been variously suggested that aeroplanes might be grounded, the country forced to stockpile food, the Army deployed to remote areas, the NHS moved to “winter crisis” mode as medicines and insulin run out, and the public exposed to outbreaks of super-gonorrhoea.

There will even be a ‘Brexit threat to sandwiches’, according to the BBC — leaving members of the public to wonder how countries outside the European Union are able to survive at all.

“I wouldn’t put it past our treacherous government to manufacture a national emergency such as this to stop Brexit. The whole process has been delayed and impeded with the intention of having a withdrawal agreement whereby we leave, in name, not in reality, or to reverse the process entirely,” said Batten in a press release seen by Breitbart London.

He argued that, while the European Union (Withdrawal) Act has received Royal Assent and seemingly guarantees Britain will exit the bloc in March 2019, the Remainer-dominated Parliament is perfectly capable of amending or repealing this over the next eight months.

“How low will the establishment go to terrorise us?” he asked.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve been warned that Brexit will lead to breakouts of super-gonorrhea, no sandwiches and passenger planes being grounded indefinitely. Now the establishment has stooped as low to insinuate that the people may starve and suffer without modern medicines lest the military intervene.

“The really scary thing is that it’s the government that is perpetuating the baseless paranoia,” he added.

Shortly before these scare stories began to an emerge, a Tory MP close to Theresa May told BBC Newsnight the Government plans to “scare people witless” about the supposed consequences of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, to diffuse the anger over her own concession-laden plan.

While the warnings have been dutifully reported by the broadcast media and Remain-leaning press, they appear to be having little impact on the public at large, with many taking to social media to mock them.

The credibility of Project Fear 2.0, as it has been dubbed, is not helped by the fact that threats by the Government, global bodies, and the official Remain campaign that a vote to Leave the European Union would immediately trigger a technical recession, an investor exodus, and hundreds of thousands of job losses all turned out to be false.

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