Hungarian Govt: Sweden’s Leaders are ‘On the Side’ of Illegal Migrants


The Hungarian government has suggested Sweden’s political leaders are “on the side of [illegal] migrants” and in hock to “forces” in favour of mass migration.

Pál Völner, parliamentary state secretary of the justice ministry, issued the typically straightforward accusation in response to Sweden backing European Union efforts to thwart new transparency laws which would require NGOs receiving large sums of money to disclose their foreign-funded status — a move widely seen as being aimed at billionaire financier George Soros and his “network” of pro-immigration civil society organisations.

Mr Völner said Sweden’s leaders were “widely known to be pro-immigration” and has already “flooded” their own country with migrants.

He added that it was well-known that “foreign-funded migration organisations” were lobbying the Swedish ambassador to Hungary, suggesting this was the motivation for the Scandinavian country’s endorsement of EU interference in Hungary’s internal affairs.

The Hungarian insisted, however, that the Orbán government would continue to put the Hungarian people and their security ahead of all other considerations.

The Swedish political class are facing significant difficulties as they head into national elections this month, with an increasingly large segment of the public looking set to reject their pro-multiculturalism and free and easy immigration policies and cast their ballots for the anti-establishment, anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats.

The governing Social Democrats have not been helped by what appears to be an organised campaign to torch hundreds of cars across several Swedish cities throwing the country’s problems with social cohesion and integration into sharp relief.

Sweden’s government was also embarrassed by a prominent economist from Japan — previously held up as an example of why strict immigration controls were undesirable due to its ageing but cohesive and relatively crime-free society — highlighting their country as an example of why mass migration is bad policy.

“Foreigners, mainly from Africa and the Middle East, have settled in districts that they have since completely taken over,” said Takaaki Mitsuhashi, after a visit to the ‘no go zone’ of Husby, in the suburbs of Stockholm.

“Whatever [Husby] was, it was not Sweden. We do not want this development in Japan,” he warned.

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