Yazidi Girl Flees Germany After Encountering ISIS Man Who Kept Her as a Slave Posing as ‘Refugee’


A young Yazidi girl has fled Germany where she was living as a recognised refugee after encountering the man who enslaved her posing as a refugee, claiming police refused to arrest him.

19-year-old Aschwak Hajji, who was sold into slavery for only 90 euros in August of 2014, said that she encountered the man who had kidnapped her and forced her into sexual slavery in the German town of Schwäbisch Gmünd earlier this year, Die Welt reports.

The man, identified as Abu Humam by the 19-year-old, is said to have abused the young Yazidi girl for several months before she managed to escape and flee to Germany with her family in 2015.

Hajji said she was in a supermarket in Schwäbisch Gmünd when she encountered the Islamic State member, who identified himself as her tormentor and said he knew she had fled with her family and even knew the address of the asylum home she was living in.

When she attempted to relay the information to the local police she claimed that officers simply said that the man was also a refugee and they could not help her, giving her an emergency number instead.

The State Office of Criminal Investigation Baden-Württemberg said they had started an investigation into the case in March but that had stalled as Hajji had moved back to Iraq that month and was not available to help further the case.

The father of the 19-year-old, who lives in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq, said he felt conflicted about his daughter’s return, saying: “But when her mother told me that she met this jihadist, I told her to come back — obviously Germany is no longer a safe place for her.”

The German Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe has so far not brought up any charges against Abu Humam.

Previously it has been German government policy to keep especially vulnerable migrants, such as Yazidi former sex slaves, in separate shelters in secret locations.

Reports have, however, shown serious flaws within the asylum system, such as claims that Muslim translators have denied and lied about the harassment of Yazidis, Christians, and others in asylum homes.

Yazidis have also been attacked outside asylum homes, as in 2016 in Bielefeld, where Chechen Muslim migrants allegedly ambushed a group of Yazidis with knives and baseball bats.

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