Tories Warn Students Away from Turning Point over ‘Links to Nigel Farage’, ‘Far-Right’


The youth wing of the Conservative Party appears to have warned its student associations against working with the new British chapter of Turning Point USA, describing it as an organization tainted by its connections to Nigel Farage and the “far-right”.

In a copy of an email obtained by Breitbart London that was allegedly sent out to student associations, Scott Grace, a student liaison officer for the Young Conservatives based at the Conservative Party Headquarters in London, appears to urge students not to work with the organization founded by conservative activist Charlie Kirk, whose stated mission is to “identify, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government.”

“Some of you may have been contacted by an individual called Jack Ross representing an organization called Turning Point UK,” the email begins. “This is not to be confused with the excellent charity. He claims to be supporting the establishment of the organization here after being founded in the USA.”

“The organization is relatively new, only being established in 2012 and clearly has good intentions,” he continues. “However, there have been a number of controversies surrounding the organization and their activities and their motivations can sometimes appear questionable.”

Grace then goes on to reference a Washington Examiner piece explaining Nigel Farage’s hopes for the organization’s expansion to the United Kingdom, after it held a successful Student Action Summit featuring high-profile conservatives speakers including Farage, Donald Trump Jr, Professor Jordan Peterson, Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin, and Laura Ingraham.

“This article highlights the organization’s links to Nigel Farage and his ambition to bring the organization to the UK,” Grace notes. “I hope you’ll agree this demonstrates certain links and that their politics can often spread to the far-right. They’ve also been accused of racial bias and illegal campaigning activity.

“We are aware that they have offered to partner with and potentially financially support your activity on campus. While this may seem like an attractive proposition, it’s something we would ask you to be cautious of,” he continues. “Of course, Conservative University Societies/Associations are not officially affiliated to us as a party and as such we can’t tell you not to engage. However, our advice would be not to work with them in any capacity.”

Responding to the warning, Turning Point UK’s chairman, George Farmer, said that such a warning came as a little surprise, given the Conservative Party’s track record of trying to impose their own centrist campaign narratives.

“It’s no surprise, they will try to shut down any youth conservative movement where they are not in control of the narrative,” Farmer told Breitbart.

Turning Point is scheduled to fully launch in the United Kingdom next month with events in London, Cambridge, Nottingham, and Sussex.

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