75 Percent of Syrian Migrants Say They Will Stay in Netherlands for Life

Protestors hold placards during a demonstration in a Barcelona on June 19, 2016 under the slogan, 'open borders, we welcome' in favour of rights for refugees and demanding that European authorities take action to secure safe passage routes for refugees. / AFP / JOSEP LAGO (Photo credit should read JOSEP …

A survey has revealed that around three-quarters of the Syrians who travelled to the Netherlands as asylum seekers have no plans to ever return to their country.

The survey of 848 Syrian nationals residing in the Netherlands was taken by current affairs television programme EenVandaag and found that the vast majority said they would not consider returning due to the danger and insecurity in the country, WNL reports.

Even though the Islamic State terror group has been almost totally wiped out by the coalition, those surveyed said they still did not want to return, citing fear of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The 75 percent said that regardless of what happens to Syria in the future they have no plans to ever go back and wish to remain in the Netherlands for the rest of their lives, arguing that they have better access to work and to freedom of expression.

Despite having better access to work, the vast majority of refugees in the Netherlands remain without jobs according to the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) which revealed last year that a mere 15 percent of refugees allowed to work actually held a job.

By far and large, most refugees in the Netherlands have lived and continue to live off of welfare, some for at least two and a half years.

The figures match similar unemployment numbers among refugees in Germany and a large gap between the unemployment rate of migrants and natives in Sweden.

The lack of jobs has had a knock-on effect and has increased the total number of low-income households in the Netherlands with the government specifically noting that third world immigration, particularly Syrian refugees, has been a driving force in the increase.

The Syrian population in the Netherlands with a temporary residency permit has now totalled around 70,000 people, although 11,500 of them will see their permits expire this year.

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