Brexit Party Takes Wide Lead in Wales, Second Place in Remain-Voting Scotland

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The Brexit Party has taken a massive 17-point lead over the pro-Remain Welsh nationalist party in Wales in a poll ahead of Thursday’s European Parliament elections.

The YouGov poll published Monday revealed Nigel Farage’s party to have the support of 36 per cent of voters in the country, which voted to leave the European Union in June 2016.

Plaid Cymru, which advocates for Welsh independence from the UK yet supports being subjugated to rule by the EU, has the support of 19 per cent of Welshmen, followed by Labour (15 per cent), the Liberal Democrats (ten per cent), the Green Party (eight per cent), and the Conservatives (seven per cent).

The news comes as another YouGov poll puts the Brexit Party in second place in Scotland — an extraordinary position given that that country voted Remain by nearly two votes to one (62 per cent to 38 per cent).

The pro-Remain, leftist Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) led voter support on 38 per cent, with the Brexit Party following at 20 per cent. The poll also revealed that just one in five Scotsmen would vote for either the Tories or Labour.

Brexit Party candidate for Scotland Louis Stedman-Bryce told The Scotsman, “This is despite Nicola Sturgeon’s insistence that ‘Scotland is not for Brexit’ on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, demonstrating just how out of touch she is with the electorate.”

Adding that “Like the rest of the UK, Scotland is fed up with career politicians trying to overturn democracy and push their own agenda,” Mr Stedman-Bryce warned, “the Brexit Party will soon be turning its sights to Holyrood as well as Westminster.”

Another poll by Panelbase predicts that the Brexit Party could win eight Member of Scottish Parliament seats in the next election to Holyrood, leaving Scottish Remainers panicking on both the EU and national fronts.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Glasgow on Monday, the leader of Scottish Labour Richard Leonard stated his concern that an impending Farage victory — with latest polling from across the UK indicating the party is at 35 per cent, followed in second by the pro-Remain Liberal Democrats at 16 per cent — would make a clean break from the EU more likely.

“The stakes are high in these elections, because every vote for Farage will bring a no-deal Brexit closer,” Mr Leonard told activists.

“I warn you that if Farage succeeds on Thursday, a no-deal Brexit will become the official policy of the Tory Party and every Tory leadership contender by this time next week.”


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