Delingpole: Abolishing Eton – Great Idea, Labour! Go For It!

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY GUY JACKSON The Eton College Chapel is pictured at Eton school, west of London, on May 24, 2010. Britain's new Prime Minister David Cameron has revived a time-honoured tradition by becoming the 19th former pupil to go on to lead his country after attending …
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Labour has announced it intends to ban Eton (and other private schools) and I’m really glad.

Eton has produced some of the most egregious, squishy, politically-correct, Remainer surrender monkey, class traitor sellouts in the entirety of the Establishment, including the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby; the Chief of the General Staff Mark Carleton-Smith; Woke Prince Harry; Sir Nicholas ‘Did anyone ever mention I’m Churchill’s grandson?’ Soames; Sir Oliver Wetwin; Dave Cameron; and I’m sure there are plenty more I’ve missed.

Even when you consider the countervailing examples of George Orwell and Jacob Rees-Mogg, the case for abolishing Eton because it has nurtured so many disgusting Establishment pinkos is pretty overwhelming.

But that’s not why I’m glad Labour wants to ban it.

No, I’m glad because it finally removes all doubt that Labour is the most vile, illiberal, hypocritical, envy-filled, foamingly hard-left Opposition party Britain has ever had – and ever will have.

Here is what Labour has decided at its party conference:

The motion passed today calls for private schools to be stripped of their charitable status, to have limits placed on the number of their pupils who can attend certain universities and for their endowments and assets to be distributed in the state education sector.

It states: ‘The on-going existence of private schools is incompatible with Labour’s pledge to promote social justice, not social mobility in education.’

Once you announce, as Labour effectively has with its new ruling, that you’re perfectly comfortable with confiscating private property and redistributing it among favoured recipients then you have entered Hugo Chavez and Robert Mugabe territory. You no longer have any right to be taken seriously as a potential party of government, not in the United Kingdom, anyway.

There are lots of practical, economic reasons why it won’t work:

But it is hardly a secret that Labour is economically literate. No, what is likely to do far more damage is the effect it will have on Labour’s middle-class support base.

I know lots of people who are richer than me who yet vote Labour because of the freedom it affords them to act like absolute c***s.

There’s one chap a know, a lawyer by trade, who only really likes to talk about two things – how much he earned from his latest case; how morally repugnant he finds Conservatives, the Conservative party, Boris Johnson, anyone who votes Brexit.

The metropolitan elite is full of such people, lawyers especially. They make shedloads of filthy lucre but the reason they don’t feel guilty about it or want to donate half their salaries to, say, the ‘angels’ who work in ‘our NHS’ is because voting Labour is their get out of jail free.

Problem is, a lot of these rich Labour voters also send their kids to private school — just like Labour’s Diane Abbott did, just like Labour peer Shami Chakrabati does — because obviously they don’t want their kids to get stabbed or made thicker than they already are or to rub shoulders with horrible poor people whose parents voted for Brexit.

This move by Labour may be the final straw for their middle-class support base. Even those who can’t afford private schools may finally realise that Corbyn and co mean business: that they really are as Marxist and anti-private property and redistributive as their Conservative critics have always said.

I don’t think Corbyn’s Labour will recover from this.


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