‘Non-Essential Travel’:’ Australian Couple Fined $3,000+ for Posting Last Year’s Vacation Pictures on Facebook


A husband and wife from Victoria, Australia, were reportedly been fined over $3,000 Australian dollars ($1,925 USD) for “non-essential travel” after posting vacation photos to Facebook. The pictures are from a vacation taken last June.

The Daily Mail reports that a couple from Victoria, Australia, have allegedly been fined more than $3000 Australian dollars ($1,925 USD) after posting holiday photos from over a year ago to Facebook. The couple, Jazz Mott and her husband Gary, reportedly shared photos of their trip to Lakes Entrance, a two-hour drive from their home at Traralgon in the east of the state.

Just days after the posts were made, police arrived at the home of the couple and issued them with the fines. Jazz Mott told the Daily Mail, “I was actually stunned when she handed me the fine, the photos were from our trip to the Lakes Entrance in June last year.”

After speaking to her husband, Mott realized that the fines must be related to the Facebook post featuring the holiday photos which she alleges were discovered on a hard drive that she’d lost track of when the couple moved. “I got a phone call from a Senior Sergeant at Traralgon police and he told me the fines had been revoked,” Mott said. “Then he basically told me not to post any more photos while the lockdown is in place.”

A Victoria Police spokesperson told 7News that officers are not monitoring social media accounts to identify breaches of travel restrictions but are investigating “the circumstances surrounding individual potential breaches reported by the public.” Over the Easter weekend, Victoria Police reportedly handed out over 400 fines to people in breach of travel restriction rules.

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