Nigerian Throws Boiling Water on Migrant Woman in Homophobic Attack


A Nigerian woman has been accused of seriously injuring a fellow female migrant in a Dutch home, after throwing boiling water on her in an apparent homophobic attack.

The victim suffered several first and second-degree burns as a result of the attack, which was initially meant for her partner.

According to LGBT Asylum support foundation chairman Sandro Kortekaas: “The attacker, also from Nigeria, actually tried to throw the water over another lesbian woman and her 18-month-old son.”

“Her friend jumped in to protect them and now has large second-degree burns right from her armpit to her buttock,” Kortekaas added, according to De Telegraaf.

“The Nigerian victim was then unable to do anything but had to take the train to the other side of the Netherlands. She could barely walk or sit,” Kortekaas said. He criticised the fact that the woman was sent on a five-hour train journey following the attack.

The woman who committed the attack was unrepentant, according to De Telegraaf. The incident also came after a Nigerian male migrant had threatened to break the arms and legs of the lesbian couple.

Migrant homes have seen many homophobic attacks in several countries over the last several years, some of which have been particularly brutal.

Last year an Iranian gay man was assaulted at a home that was supposed “LGBT certified” in the Swedish province of Västmanland. Fifteen Afghan migrants had set upon the Iranian and his boyfriend as they sat down to eat. The gang later claimed the Iranian had insulted their mothers, a claim countered by asylum home staff.

In Germany, a Serbian gay couple was beaten almost to death in 2017 at an asylum home by other migrants even though they had attempted to hide their sexuality from the other residents.

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