Globalists Salute: Angela Merkel, EU President Hail Future ‘Cooperation’ With Joe Biden

BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 01: In this photo provided by the German Government Press Office (BPA) German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) speaks with US Vice President Joe Biden at the start of their meeting at the Chancellery on February 01, 2013 in in Berlin, Germany. The Munich Security Conference is …
Steffen Kugler-Bundesregierung-Pool via Getty Images

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen offered their hands in cooperation to former Vice President Joe Biden after the mainstream media projected him as the winner of the presidential election.

On Monday, the German chancellor praised the ageing Democrat, saying that Biden “knows Germany and Europe well”.

“I warmly congratulate Joe Biden on his election as the 46th President of the United States. Joe Biden brings decades of experience in both domestic and foreign policy,” Merkel said before reporters in Berlin.

“I have fond memories of good encounters and conversations with him,” she added.

“Side by side in the difficult test of the corona pandemic, side by side in the fight against global warming and its global consequences, (and) in the fight against terrorism, side by side for an open world economy and free trade, because those are the foundations of our prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic,” Merkel concluded.

President of the European Commission and former German Minister of Defense, Ursula von der Leyen said: “With Joe Biden in the White House, the tone and the way we approach each other will change.”

The globalist EU President did dampen expectations, however, saying that “We won’t pick things up where we left off in 2016 when we left our common ground behind.”

The pair joined a chorus of world leaders who congratulated Mr Biden, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, despite votes still outstanding, recounts looming, and President Trump refusing to concede, alleging voter fraud and improprieties in crucial swing states.

The globalist German politicians have often been at odds with President Trump’s America First agenda, which focussed heavily on forcing Nato Allies in Europe — Germany in particular — to pay their fair share in military spending.

In 2014, every NATO member state promised to spend at least two per cent of their respective gross domestic products on military spending by the year 2024, however, Germany has refused to abide by the pledge, saying that it only “hopes” to reach the target by 2031.

According to the latest figures released from the military alliance, Germany — despite being the top economy in the EU — only spent 1.38 per cent of its GDP on defence in 2019.

In a 2018 exclusive interview with Breitbart London, then-American Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, described Germany as being “woeful” in living up to its NATO commitments.

“Germany is the largest economy in Europe. They made a commitment to NATO, and they should be serious about that commitment; it is a multilateral institution that guarantees the allies, guaranteeing freedom,” Grenell said.

In response to Germany’s failures to pay its fair share, President Trump announced in August that the United States would be reducing its military presence in the country, in favour of relocating troops to other countries such as Poland.

Angela Merkel is said to be particularly keen on the prospects of working with Mr Biden on the issue of supposedly man-made climate change.

Ahead of last week’s election, President Trump argued that Biden’s green agenda will not be effective in reducing emissions, as he said that windmills require vast amounts of energy to be produced. Trump went on to argue that the green policies will only serve to outsource more jobs, resulting in an “economic death sentence” for the fracking industry.

“He wants to go wind. … He wants to go with windmills made Germany and China and send big, big carbon into the air when they’re making them,” Trump said at a rally in Pennsylvania in October.

Despite consistent claims from the left in America and Europe that Trump is ‘anti-science’, the German daily newspaper Die Welt pronounced in 2018 that President Trump was “the most successful climate protector in the world” as carbon dioxide emissions dramatically decreased during his early tenure, in large part due to the fracking boom.

Conversely, Joe Biden has threatened in the past to ban the fracking industry and even went so far as to say he would seek to “transition” away from fossil fuels entirely by 2030, threatening hundreds of thousands of jobs.

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