Man Who Broke Into Grounds of Queen’s Castle was Armed with Crossbow: Reports

PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images

The man who broke into the grounds of Windsor Castle as the Queen and her family celebrated Christmas was armed with a crossbow, newspaper sources claim.

“Security controllers monitoring the CCTV couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted the man carrying what appeared to be a crossbow and scrambled armed police to the scene immediately as a top-level emergency,” said a security source quoted by the left-leaning Sunday Mirror.

“A full-scale protection plan was executed to ensure the safety of the Queen, who was in her personal quarters,” the source continued, saying that it was “a really professional response from everyone” but “hugely alarming to witness the intruder on the scene.”

“There were real concerns the situation could have massively escalated having such a dangerous weapon to deal with,” they said, adding that “everyone breathed a huge sight of relief” when it emerged that he had been detained apparently without violence.

The right-leaning Sun on Sunday also quoted a security source as saying they had been “told the man had a crossbow” — although the official police from Thames Valley Police, as reported by Breitbart London yesterday, remains simply that a suspect was “arrested on suspicion of breach or trespass of a protected site and possession of an offensive weapon.”

No name or physical description of the suspect, who is also alleged to have broke into the castle’s grounds using a rope ladder, has been given, beyond the fact that he is a male, aged 19, and from Southampton.

In October this year, four women and one man were killed by a Muslim convert armed with a bow and arrow in Kongsberg, Norway, in what the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) described at the time as a likely terror attack.

No political or religious motivation for the Windsor Castle break-in has been disclosed by the British authorities as of the time of publication, however.

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