Finland: Convicted Islamist Terrorist Assaulted Prison Guards in Biting Attack

This picture taken on April 9, 2018 shows defendant Moroccan Abderrahman Bouanane waiting

Convicted radical Islamic terrorist Abderrahman Bouanane, who committed the first Islamist attack in Finland, has been brought before a court after being accused of attacking prison guards, allegedly biting one.

Bouanane, a migrant from Morocco, was brought before the District Court of Southwest Finland love incidents at Turku prison that are said to have taken place on October 13th, 15th and October 31st in 2020.

According to the allegations, Bouanane is said to have resisted an official in the first incident and to have violently attacked two other officials. In one of the attacks, Bouanane is said to have kicked a guard and in another, bitten the finger of another guard, broadcaster YLE reports.

So far no date has been set for a trial in the case, according got the broadcaster and Bouanane has been transferred to another prison since the attacks took place.

The Moroccan national has been serving a life sentence since he was found guilty of two counts of murder with terrorist intent and eight counts of attempted murder by a Finnish court in 2018.

During his trial in April of 2018, Bouanane explained the motivation for his mass stabbing attack in the city of Turku in 2017, stating he was inspired by a Turkish man he had met in a mosque who told him that Finland had sent soldiers to fight in Syria.

“It gave me the position that I have the right to kill Finns,” Bouanane said and claimed that his motivation was “to strengthen the Islamic kingdom… I wanted the Islamic kingdom is strong,” and that he deliberately targetted women during the attack.

Eight of the ten victims of his stabbing rampage were women, one of which was a Jehovah’s Witness preaching in the centre of the city.

Bouanane is not the only convicted terrorist said to have abused prison guards in recent years. Salah Abdeslam, the lone surviving terrorist of the 2015 Bataclan massacre in Paris, was accused of harassing prison officials in 2018.

“Why are you looking at me loser? You’re a loser, come to my cell and I’ll explain. I am a Muslim and you are infidels, dogs; one day, it will change, you will kiss my feet,” Abdeslam is alleged to have told one of the guards.


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