The Real Issues: EU Using ‘Mindfulness’ to Combat Green Anxieties of Climate Crazy Staff

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Officials within the European Union are now being drafted into environment-focused “mindfulness” courses to help alleviate their climate crazy anxieties.

Move over shrinks of Brussels! Climate crazy Eurocrats have a new way of handling their existential dread brought about by their understanding of climate change: “mindfulness”.

Derived largely from religious practices found within Buddhism, so-called “mindfulness” meditation is now believed by a number of major organisations to be mentally helpful for some people, with the UK’s socialised healthcare service even dedicating an entire webpage to explaining the possible values the practice can have for those living in the modern world.

However, according to a report by The Guardian, another organisation has found use for the self-help system which has been lambasted as “McMindfulness” by some critics: the European Union.

Seemingly afraid of the effect solving climate change could have on the psyche of its mandarins, the publication reports that the transnational bloc is now making those working on its Green New Deal-style climate policy take so-called “Inner Green Deal” courses.

The aim of these courses — the curriculum of which reportedly involves taking walks in the Belgian woods and feeling empathy for trees and woodland creatures — is to curb the existential dread caused by having extreme fears to do with climate change.

“There is less eco-anxiety,” The Guardian reports Jeroen Janss, who is said to be running the courses, as saying.

Janss also noted that participants also often experienced strong emotions such as deep sadness, frustration, guilt and lack of hope when being told certain pieces of information in relation to climate change, and that the “Inner Green Deal” courses have helped them better “regulate” those feelings.

While the bloc’s officials are off prancing in the woods, fretting about climate change, the European Union finds itself confronted with problems of existential proportions.

First of all is the issue of fuel, which is quickly becoming a commodity that is in short supply thanks to the globalist-leaning bloc slapping sanction after sanction on Vladimir Putin’s Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

However, thanks in part to the European elite’s obsession with green politics, Europe has struggled to shift reliance off of Russian energy, with some MEPs now lambasting bigwigs across the continent for failing to cultivate resources already present on the continent.

“There were many experts… who said that… if the Green Deal — in the way it is proposed and envisioned by the European Commission — [is] put into law, it will cause an economic chaos in the European Union,” said Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes last month.

“Unfortunately, nobody paid attention to those experts,” he continued.

Terhes also raised the issue of the ongoing food crisis, which has also been caused in part by the conflict in Ukraine.

Prices of various types of produce have surged across Europe, with a shortage of fertiliser previously sourced in Ukraine and Russia prompting fears that crop yields could drop by as much as half in some areas if alternatives aren’t found.

Half the world’s population gets food as a result of fertilisers… and if that’s removed from the field for some crops, [the yield] will drop by 50 per cent,” one industry expert from a major fertiliser organisation said.

“For me, it’s not whether we are moving into a global food crisis – it’s how large the crisis will be,” he went on to warn.

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