Channel Crisis: Over 25,000 Illegal Boat Migrants Have Landed in Britain This Year

A group of people thought to be migrants are brought in to Dungeness, Kent, onboard an RNL
Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images

The number of illegal boat migrants who have made it to Britain this year surpassed 25,000 on Saturday after a further 915 arrivals landed in England.

The United Kingdom’s migrant crisis only appears to be getting worse, with it being announced on Sunday that over 25,000 illegals have now managed to cross into Britain on small boats this year.

While the country has been dealing with the Channel crisis for a while now, it appears that 2022’s final migrant figure will blow previous years out of the water, with this year already nearing 2021’s total.

According to a report by The Guardian, official figures putting the number of people who crossed into Britain on small boats at 915 means that this year’s influx has now reached 25,146.

Of this number, the publication reports that 8,747 have occurred in August alone, with migrants from Albania, in particular, making up a plurality of those looking to enter Britain illegally to claim asylum, despite the Muslim–majority nation not being at war and would-be “refugees” from the region often having their claims rejected.

According to Brexit firebrand Nigel Farage, the majority of those who made the crossing on Saturday were also Albanian, despite the fact that Home Secretary Priti Patel of the so-called Conservative Party has promised to clamp down on migrants originating from the Balkan state.

“This situation is insane, there is no point voting Conservative,” he wrote online, sharing a video reportedly showing migrants who had just made the crossing.

Albanians have reportedly been abusing Britain’s modern slavery reporting system in hopes of avoiding deportation, with the demographic also making up the single largest population of foreign prisoners in British incarceration facilities.

The massive spike in the number of illegal migrants arriving in Britain by small boat this year indicates that the various hare-brained measures put in place by the Tory government to curb the crisis have been extremely ineffective, with the country now being well on its way to seeing 60,000 enter the country this year by boat alone.

Despite such abysmal failure, Home Secretary Patel does not appear to be all that bothered, with the Home Office uploading a video of her on Saturday kicking a football around while praising the actions British law enforcement is taking to fight the “hateful words” sometimes seen in the game.

Preceded by a poorly made computer-generated graphic of the senior politician kicking a football at the camera, Patel brags about how she is keeping football fans be “safe and secure”, while the post itself noted that state authorities have added “football-related online hate crime to the list of offences”.

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