Germany’s So-Called ‘Right-Wing’ Threat: Green Party Politician Faked Hate Crimes Against Himself

14 December 2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne: Police officers patrol the sign lane. I
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A member of Germany’s ruling Green Party is now said to have faked a number of so-called “right-wing” hate crimes perpetrated against him.

A local politician for Germany’s climate crazy Green Party is now said to have faked a number of so-called “right-wing” hate crimes perpetrated against him, according to authorities in the country.

Politicians in the country have frequently claimed that a shadowy so-called “right-wing” is posing an ever greater threat to the country’s democracy, with the German courts even putting mainstream, popularly-elected political parties under state surveillance due to them being deemed not progressive enough.

However in the case of hate crimes perpetrated against Green politician Manoj Jansen, such a shadowy group of political dissidents do not seem to be at fault.

According to a report by Der Spiegel, Jansen was said to have been a victim of a number of “right-wing” threats and hate crimes, prompting politicians from across Germany’s rather narrow political spectrum to come out in support of the local politician.

Incidents including the councillor’s car being vandalised by a reversed swastika, a swastika and SS runes being smeared on his doorbell, as well as razor blades being sent to him in the mail all received significant attention from the German media on a national level, while the Green party member said that the incidents had left him “looking over [his] shoulder”.

However, police have now reportedly concluded that at least some of these crimes were fake, with Jansen being reported as admitting that he was in fact the person responsible for some of the attacks.

The councillor’s branch of the green party has since added that while they believe that some of the incidents reported by Jansen are thought to be real, many others are not.

“He said his bike was stolen, the window of his car was smashed and the tires were deflated,” a spokesman for the Green party, Hans Josef Dederichs, reportedly told Der Spiegel, with the councillor saying that he and his colleagues believe these incidents could still be legitimate.

“He probably did everything else himself,” the councillor added, reportedly noting that the swastika on his car, the runes, and threatening letters were likely all Jansen’s own doing.

The party has now said that Jansen “abused the solidarity” of both his own parties and others with his false claims, and has described the man’s actions as “inexcusable”.

According to the local green party chapter, the incident was rendered particularly harmful due to what it called “the actual threats of right-wing violence that local politicians and many people of colour are exposed to”, a line echoing the positions of many powerful politicians in the country that the threat posed by “right-wing” activists is the greatest faced by Germany.

Such an obsession has only worsened in the face of the ongoing gas crisis, with one bigwig labelling members of the public who would dare challenge the government over its chronic mismanagement of state affairs as “enemies of the state“, while warning about the rise of the populist right.

“It’s no longer about protesters, it’s almost about something like new enemies of the state that are establishing themselves,” the official said, complaining that what he termed “conspiracy theorists” were getting better at addressing the concerns of the average German.

“I’m worried that if things get really tangible — energy crisis, prices, cold living rooms, fuel is getting more and more expensive — that the ground for such narratives, for such conspiracy theories, will increase,” he went on to say.

The country’s Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, has also frequently amused herself by attacking the right, whom her ministry fears will “gain try to influence protests to their liking”.

Faeser has previously written under her own name for a far-left publication literally called “Antifa” while serving as a politician for the supposedly centre-left Social Democratic Party.

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