Sharia Britain: Police Finally Investigate Islamist Death Threats Against Boy Linked to Damaged Quran

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Police in Britain have finally gotten around to investigating a number of Islamist death threats made against a boy linked to a damaged Quran.

British police are reported to be investigating a number of Islamist death threats made against an autistic boy who is said to be the owner of a Quran which was lightly damaged, apparently accidentally, in a school in Northern England last week.

It comes after a storm of Islamist outrage in the region last week after the Islamic holy book was scuffed slightly while in the hands of some other schoolboys, with the cheap copy of the text sustaining an extremely small tear to its cover and a smudge on one page.

Despite the damage reportedly not even being done by the autistic child in question, the incident was enough for some to send death threats to the child, whose mother attended a local mosque in order to issue a grovelling apology to the area’s Muslim community.

According to a report by the BBC, police have finally gotten around to investigating at least some of these threats, with officers reportedly speaking to one youth thought to have made threats.

However, according to the broadcaster, the police are only said to have given the suspect “words of advice” — a minor slap on the risk considering the damaging of the Quran was reportedly recorded as a fully-fledged “hate incident“, something that can deeply impact the lives of those involved well into the future.

The minor police intervention over death threats levelled against the autistic child comes over a week after the alleged incident which saw the Quran damaged, something which in turn prompted mass outrage amongst the local Muslim community.

This outrage eventually led to a public meeting being held in a local mosque in order to discuss the incident, with the principal of the school involved, the mother of the autistic child who owned the Quran, and even the local police, hauled in front of the Muslim congregation to explain themselves.

The actions of the local West Yorkshire Police force have in particular drawn the ire of many Britons, with the force seemingly focusing on whether or not the book was damaged and so-called “hate” over the numerous death threats sent to the child involved.

Officials from the force attending the event even remained silent when the gathered crowd shouted “Allahu akbar!” and when statements were issued that the “slightest bit of disrespect” to the book will not be “tolerated” by the community.

Senior government officials have now been forced to speak up over the scandal, with Home Secretary Suella Braverman taking to Twitter to insist that “blasphemy is not a crime” in Great Britain, and that “[s]afeguarding children and security must be of paramount importance”.

However, while the government minister has insisted that Britain “will only remain a tolerant and harmonious society if we do not capitulate to mob intimidation”, the government has continued to enable such capitulation at the local level.

For example, the Tory Party’s promise to force police to stop recording so-called “non-crime hate incidents” seems to have vanished into thin air, while the country’s minister for schools, Nick Gibb, failed to criticise the school involved for suspending children involved in the incident seemingly for damaging a holy book that was not owned by anyone offended by its damaging.

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