Most Germans Fear Future War, Inability of their Country to Defend Itself – Poll

A soldier fires from a Leopard 2 tank at the training ground in Augustdorf, western German

Over half of Germans believe that their country could be heading towards a future war and that the country is unable to defend itself, polling has revealed.

A study undertaken by the R+V Insurance company has reportedly found that over half of Germans now fear that the country could end up getting itself actively involved in a war in the near future.

The majority in the country, the poll asserts, also reportedly view the German state as being unable to defend itself, a viewpoint that appears to largely be in keeping with those in the country’s government.

According to the data reported on by N-TV, 55 per cent of those in Germany fear that the country is heading towards a future war, with this statistic rising to 63 per cent when only women are polled.

This statistic rises even further when only those in the once-communist-occupied east are polled, with around two-thirds of the region’s population believing that a future war is on the cards for the country.

Should such a war come about, it appears that most in the country appear to doubt it will go well, with 63 per cent of the survey respondents reportedly saying that they do not believe the modern German state would be able to defend itself successfully in the event of an armed conflict.

Such a viewpoint appears to largely be in keeping with the country’s own government, with the German Minister for Defence, Boris Pistorius, coming out earlier this month to say that the country’s armed forces would not be able to successfully defend the homefront should Germany become embroiled in war.

“We have no armed forces that are capable of defence, i.e. capable of defending against an offensive brutally conducted war of aggression,” the minister admitted.

Such a situation has reportedly only been made worse by Germany’s support for Ukraine, with the nation’s military reportedly left with massive supply shortages after the ruling traffic light coalition decided to donate large swathes of its weapons and ammo stockpiles to the invaded nation.

Lieutenant General Alfons Mais, the chief of Germany’s army, has warned that such donations have now left the country’s armouries “bare”, and that weapon and ammo shortages will ultimately end up impacting the military’s defensive capabilities.

“There comes a point where we can no longer do our jobs,” he reportedly warned in the wake of Germany announcing it was delivering tanks to the Zelensky administration.

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