German Military Left with ‘Bare’ Armory As Country Sends Weapons to Ukraine, Army Chief Warns

PABRADE, LITHUANIA - OCTOBER 27: A tank commander looks through binoculars on a Leopard 2A
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Germany’s decision to keep sending weapons to Ukraine has left the country’s own armoury “bare”, the country’s army chief has warned.

Lieutenant General Alfons Mais, the chief of Germany’s army, has warned that government decisions to keep sending weapons and munitions abroad to Ukraine have left military stockpiles “bare”, a report on Wednesday has claimed.

It comes as the country’s government finally agreed to give a number of its Leopard 2 main battle tanks to the Ukrainian military in the face of mounting political pressure both at home and abroad.

However, according to a report by Bild, such a decision may yet have a negative effect on the country’s combat preparedness.

Having previously warned that his force had been left with a more-or-less “bare” armoury, Mais warned that — despite the German government committing to pumping over $100 billion into the country’s military — things have not gotten much better.

In fact, according to the publication, the army chief has said that “the absolute bareness” of the German armoury has only increased, with the relative inflow and outflow of weapons, vehicles and munitions overall getting worse as the country sends weapons abroad.

“The support of [Ukraine] with material is still right and serves the security of all of us,” the senior official emphasised on his social media on Tuesday, though emphasised that the country must “keep an eye on” the levels of material supplied.

Mais is also reported as warning against the provision of Leopard 2 main battle tanks to the Ukrainian military, warning that the loss of the vehicles would dramatically reduce the Germany army’s ability to defend the country in the event of an attack.

“There comes a point where we can no longer do our jobs,” the army chief reportedly warned.

However, amid huge pressure from both Europe and the United States, the German government appears to have ignored Mais’ warning, having agreed to hand over 14 Leopard 2s to Ukraine in order to help it fight off Russia.

The news was met positively by Ukrainian officials, though one decided to welcome the German decision to hand over tanks by demanding that the West start handing over a variety of fighter jets to Ukraine too.

“Hallelujah! Jesus Christ! And now, dear allies, let‘s establish a powerful fighter jet coalition for Ukraine with F-16 & F-35, Eurofighter & Tornado, Rafale & Gripen jets & everything you can deliver to save Ukraine,” Andrij Melnyk, who formerly served as the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, remarked.

Meanwhile, Russia tried to play down the impact Russian and American tanks would have on the Ukrainian battlefield, describing the West’s decision to send the vehicles as ultimately being a waste of money.

“These tanks burn just like all the others,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reportedly said during a press briefing on Wednesday.

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