Priorities: Joe Biden to Host Largest White House Pride Celebration ‘in History’

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 04: A rainbow flag is seen outside the White House on Independence Day on July 4, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will host about 1,000 guests, including COVID response essential workers and military families, to celebrate the nation’s …
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President Joe Biden is to host the White House’s largest Pride celebration “in history”, reports have said.

Thousands of people are set to attend an LGBTQ+ Pride event in the White House on Thursday, with the celebration hosted by Joe Biden set to be the largest of its kind “in history” for the White House.

Biden is also reportedly set to announce a slew of new measures aimed at pushing transgenderism and other elements of progressive ideology.

According to a report by Reuters, Thursday’s event is reportedly being billed as a celebration of ” LGBTQ+ families”, and will reportedly see performances from singer Betty Who and DJ Queen HD.

The event will also focus on so-called “book bans” being implemented in parts of the United States, with Biden’s Department of Education to announce the appointment of a new special coordinator who will be tasked with tackling the perceived problem.

“Across the country, our nation is facing a spike in book bans, and these efforts disproportionately target the LGBTQI+ community as well as communities of color,” one Biden admin spokesman said regarding the announcement.

“These aren’t just attacks on the rights of LGBTQI+ Americans, they are part and parcel of a coordinated attack on our democracy,” they added.

Such so-called “bans” have become a major weapon for progressives both in the United States and beyond, with LGBT+ ideologues using school and state decisions to pull certain books from the children sections of bookstores and school libraries as evidence of a hate campaign against them.

However, campaigners have claimed the books often contain extremely graphic content that many find unsuitable for children, with the books themselves often remaining available in different parts of the library despite allegedly being “banned”.

Parents in Ireland, for example, have denounced some of these LGBT books as containing “pornography pictures“, despite the fact they are ostensibly aimed at children.

“These [books] are aimed at young, [elementary] school kids,” one man said during a protest earlier this year. “The age bracket they are aiming it at is wrong, they are putting them into libraries and they are not telling the parents.”

“I have five children. I want my children to grow up and read the right textbooks in school,” he added, claiming topics such as “blowjobs” and “anal fisting” should not be present in such books.

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