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The 2016 presidential campaign was characterized by discussions of the last administration’s healthcare policy failures and, depending on who you listened to, promises to either change the existing law or do away with it entirely. Things have gotten so bad, even many sympathetic to the previous administration have admitted the government’s so-called solution for American healthcare wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Until last month, what no one knew for certain was whether all that talk would result in action, or if the new administration would maintain the status quo. Oddly enough, both ended up happening. House Republicans’ early attempt at healthcare reform was commendable, but the lack of support it received means that, for now at least, nothing is going to change. It turns out this isn’t going to be nearly as straightforward as lawmakers projected. And unfortunately for many Americans struggling under penalties or devastatingly high premiums, there’s no end in sight.

So other than wait for Washington to come up with a plan that will pass muster with legislators, the president, and most importantly the American people, what can we do? For starters, we can remember that we the people still have the freedom to determine our own destiny and to act out of our sincerely held beliefs in every area, including where our healthcare is concerned. That might be a new concept to some: how exactly can you let your faith guide your healthcare decisions?

Long before insurance was regarded as the primary way to manage healthcare costs, as far back as in the early days of the Church, faith communities joined together to share in one another’s burdens. As a Christian healthcare sharing ministry, Liberty HealthShare is based on the belief that this tradition has always been, and continues to be, the most morally and financially sound way to approach medical costs. Liberty members have dared to leave the insurance model behind and instead act on their sincerely held beliefs where their healthcare is concerned.

If you have always functioned within the insurance model, medical cost sharing probably feels foreign to you. But if the government healthcare overhaul has placed you in a position of having to take something you never wanted, consider that you can put yourself back in the driver’s seat where your health is concerned. You can begin by educating yourself about healthcare sharing and Liberty HealthShare.

Healthcare sharing pre-dates and precedes anything the government has or can come up with. Liberty HealthShare was here before the ACA was rolled out; their members are exempt from the mandates and fines associated with it, and they are able to operate without fear of government interference. For those who read and agree to their Statement of Shared Beliefs, and who will honestly and ethically engage with the member community, true healthcare freedom is possible.

Liberty HealthShare values what you value: freedom, personal responsibility, and community. Whereas government solutions can almost be guaranteed to TAKE freedom from you, membership in a healthcare sharing ministry GIVES you freedom to make your own decisions, to steward your own health, and to help and be helped when you or your neighbors face unforeseen medical costs.

Finally, Liberty HealthShare rejects one-size-fits-all solutions. They know each family has preferences concerning how they want to manage their own health, and they respect that. Rather than a government interpretation of what’s best for all Americans, Liberty HealthShare encourages members to maintain a close relationship with their doctors so they can have open conversations and, when necessary, develop care plans that are best for their members’ health and finances. What makes this possible on a large scale is that Liberty members steward their health and finances in community, considering the effects of their decisions not only on themselves but on other members.

If there’s one thing that characterizes Americans, it’s the can-do, innovative spirit that says we are capable of coming up with good answers to the problems we face each day. Our healthcare is no exception to this rule. Liberty HealthShare is happy to offer its members a way to join with others to live out the belief that our rights come from God, and we are responsible to him and one another for the way we treat our bodies. While Washington tries to hammer out their next big fix for our healthcare needs, we don’t need to wait. We can exercise our freedom right now.

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