WATCH: Secret Santa Gifts Single Dad $3K Gift Card and Snowblower

A secret Santa gave a father in Saint Anthony, Idaho, a few much needed gifts last week to lift his spirits this Christmas season.

The anonymous donor has recruited a local news team to help him give away over $500,000 worth of gifts to community members in need, according to

“Derrick is a single dad who has full custody of his three children. He works full-time as a manager at Taco Time and recently took in his sister, who is a double amputee in a wheelchair,” the outlet continued.

However, his friends say whenever they ask him how he is doing, he smiles and replies, “Oh, just livin’ the dream!”

Derrick recently battled the coronavirus and is also preparing to undergo back surgery, which may cause him to lose time at work.

When reporter Nate Eaton showed up at Derrick’s house not long ago, he was overwhelmed.

“Oh wow. Oh my goodness,” Derrick said while opening the gift box.

“That’s $3,000 to Target, and then there’s a certificate in there for you to get a new pair of glasses. Someone heard that you needed some glasses,” Eaton told him.

The final gift was an industrial snowblower that will help Derrick keep his sidewalk and driveway clear during the winter.

“This is amazing. I don’t know… I don’t even know what to say. I thank everyone involved,” he commented, adding that he previously had two back surgeries so shoveling snow is difficult.

In a Facebook post Saturday, Eaton wrote, “Secret Santa has given away a lot of gifts over the years – but we’ve never dropped off a snowblower before!”

Facebook users offered their well wishes to Derrick and thanked the anonymous donor for his generosity.

“Love this! Thank you, Secret Santa! May God bless you always! Prayers for your surgery, Derrick!” one person wrote.

“With the back surgeries he can really use that snow blower!! The kids and glasses too. This is perfect.. Thank you Nate and Secret Santa!!!!” another commented.


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