VIDEO: Hospital Staff Applauds 104-Year-Old Woman Who Beat Coronavirus Twice

Staff at a Colombian hospital applauded a 104-year-old woman after she defeated the coronavirus twice, according to a video.

The video showed Carmen Hernandez being wheeled out of the hospital after having twice beaten the disease.

Hernandez was first diagnosed in June 2020 and again on March 8, 2021, after recently being vaccinated.

Hernandez is not the only centenarian who has beaten the coronavirus twice.

Angela Friedman, a 102-year-old woman living in New York, got the coronavirus twice and recovered from it both times. She also survived the 1918 Spanish Flu and cancer.

Other centenarians, such as 105-year-old Lucia DeClerck of New Jersey, defeated the 1918 Spanish Flu and the coronavirus. When asked the secret to her longevity, she chalked it off to gin-soaked raisins.

The oldest person to defeat the coronavirus is a 117-year-old French nun by the name of Sister André. She celebrated her victory over the virus and her birthday with a glass of champagne and a feast.


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